Once Upon A Time: 601 “The Savior” Sneak Peek and Promo

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The sixth season of Once Upon A Time kicks off this Sunday night, and I am predicting that this will be an epic season! There are so many great familiar characters that we will be introduced to, and all from our favorite Disney stories or classic novels. We were introduced to Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde near the end of last season, and we will be seeing more from The Land of Untold Stories!

It will be very interesting to see how the writers incorporate Aladdin and Jasmine’s story, and all the other characters from the untold stories into the story of our heroes! The Count Of Monte Cristo? Well, that makes this writer want to go catch up on some classic novels, so that I can tell if it meshes with the book. Not that it has to mesh, mind you, because there is always a bit of tweaking on Once!

Did you ever notice that someone or something is always interrupting Captain Swan? In Storybrooke, that interruption is always of the magical variety! Whatever the interruption, it will never be a good thing for anyone in the town! Wait until Regina, and the rest of the town run into the Evil Queen! Are you ready for Sunday Oncers? Check back here after the episode airs to hear my thoughts on certain aspects of the show in it’s sixth season!

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Diane Selburg