Once Upon A Time: Live Q and A With Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis

Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis, the creators of Once Upon A Time had a live Q & A chat on Facebook today. The two men who brought us one of our favorite shows was online to answer all the pressing questions fans had. I thought it would be a good idea to transcribe the video into written word for those who might not be able to watch the video.

Q: Will we learn more about the heart that Snowing share?

Edward: We’re definitely going to have that heart come into play, because as you know the Evil Queen is out there lurking, and there is nothing more she wants than that very heart, whether it’s shared or not.

Adam: Now that it is a shared heart, the consequences are very different.

Q: How will the current timeline for Jafar fit in with his Once Upon A Time In Wonderland timeline?

Adam: Well, it fits in exactly with that world when we see Jafar this season on Once Upon A Time, all the stuff that happened in Wonderland all holds true, but now we are into a new chapter both for him and for our characters and Aladdin and Jasmine who we are going to meet for the first time this season.

Q: Could Belle and Rumples child be a dark one?

Edward: I think that’s the greatest thing about being a dark one is that anybody can be one. You just have to kill the previous Dark One, take their knife and it’s really open to anybody who is willing to challenge Rumplestilskin. So you never know. He got rid of his father.

Q: What do you think is the most important romantic moment for each couple?

Adam: Well, I think it’s the day I married my wife, for me. What about you?

Edward: It would be the day we had film class together at the University of Wisconsin. For each couple, I think it’s different. I think you know for Snow White and Prince Charming it was both times Snow hit him on the head in the original way or the new time travel way.

Adam: What I would say the answer to this question is that the most important romantic moment for each couple “maybe yet to come”

Edward: Ooohh, I like that better! (Me too Ed)

Adam: Yeah, so hopefully you’ll watch and see. (Are you flipping kidding me right now Horowitz? How could we not after that comment?)

Q: Will we get to see Charming’s dad or perhaps his mom again?

Edward: We are going to dive into both of these things this year, so if you like Charming and you want to know more about his backstory, you are going to get it.

Adam: Yep,there’s more Charming family history to come.

Q: Will we see more bonding between Killian and Henry?

Edward: I would say we’re going to see their relationship, we’re definitely going to see them bond. I know they are going to absolutely be on missions together, but I think we’re also going to see as perhaps Killian and Emma become closer, we’re going to see the effects of that on Henry, and we are going to wonder if Henry likes that or not.

Adam: It’s not always bonding.

Q: The Once Upon A Time love stories are so beautiful, what were some of your inspirations for writing them?

Edward: Well, I think you draw inspiration from everywhere, you know from music, from movies, from thinking about the characters. Sometimes it’s an iconic image within the fairytale that inspires you. Sometimes it’s just something you saw on the way into work, it’s really hard to pinpoint how, for us, it’s just really about that wish fulfillment and presenting it in a way that everyone wants to take part in.

Q: What can we expect for Snow and Charming in season 6?

Adam: Well, there is a lot we have planned for Snow and Charming, most of which we can’t tell you right now.

Edward: But what we can say is that the show started with them and we feel like we are very excited to see Snow and Charming come to the forefront this year. You are going to see a lot more Snow and Charming, absolutely.

Adam: It’s fun for us both to delve into their past some more as well as dealing with their present and their future so all aspects are on the table.

Q: Do you ever get discouraged with the writing process or does writing a show about hope keep you hopeful?

Edward: I think part of writing is problem solving so being discouraged is part of it. We always say that a great idea we have on Monday seems likes an impossible idea on Tuesday, Wednesday it’s clearly not a good idea because we can’t figure it out, and then on Thursday we find a new way and it comes back again. I think that’s just part of writing,it doesn’t just come easily. It’s a lot of hard work and you have to go down many different roads to realize the path you actually want to be on.

Adam: Yes, it is a show about hope, and that is what inspired us at the start. I think that keeps inspiring us through all the challenges. It’s kind of like a guiding principle that helps us figure stuff out.

Q: Has Hook been to Agrabah? He said a line last season about sailing to lands where the air smelled of spices and woman are covered in jewels. Since he has been alive for centuries, does he know of Aladdin and so on?

Edward: I would say that for somebody who has been around for hundreds of years and has his own ship, he has probably been everywhere. So that’s the thing about Captain Hook, he always turns up when you least expect him.

Adam: I’m going to be even less specific and say that we do find Hook connected to some things that crop up this season that deal with his past.

Q: What inspires you when writing characters like Regina and Rumple?

Edward: Well, I think those are two of the characters that we truly, they are so much fun to write. I think what inspires us for them is getting into their head and realizing what they want, right? For Rumple, the fun of him is that he is a difficult man to love, and so that you can have him be completely sweet, and great, and heroic, and then just completely horrible in the next moment. So I think for those two characters for me personally, it’s a way to kind of exercise some demons, and get them out in writing. Cause they are two characters, at the end of he day who are wanting their own happy ending.

Adam: I think Regina and Rumple are both characters who are often times labeled as villains. I think that’s one of the things that inspire us with writing them, which is that it’s not as black and white as that. They are characters who have been through many things that have shaped them, and made them make choices, both good and bad. Diving into the complexity of that is what inspires us with those characters.

Q: How many new places will we be going to this season?

Edward: Well, I can tell you that we are going to be spending a lot of time in Storybrooke, and we will be flashing back to the Enchanted Forest. We are going to be flashing back to Agrabah.

Adam: We are going to be seeing some new places, Agrabah, and there are some other ones that are in the works, but a lot of them we don’t want to spoil right now. But what we will say is in the near term, if you watch the new season you’ll see not the characters going to a new world so much as being in Storybrooke, exploring their issues there, and as we flashback, you’ll see Agrabah very soon and…

Edward: Victorian England

Adam: Victorian England

Edward: The Enchanted Forest. I think part of the fun of this show is we always, with flashbacks, we can go around the fictional world, and that’s a lot of fun for us. So we’re going to continue to do that.

Q: Will Maleficent and Lilly appear this season?

Edward: We are going to have to say that we know we owe that story, as well as some others, and we are working on episodes where we can answer that. We can’t tell you when, but our desire is to fully explain that this year.

Adam: We have a plan for where those characters are, and what’s going to happen with them. We hope to get to that this year.

Well, of course I was not expecting major answers out of those two, you know how cryptic they like to be. Once has been on now for six seasons, and I am still highly entertained by what everyone brings to the table, episode in and episode out. I might sound off about some episodes being filler (my favorite term) but it is still one of my favorite shows. What did you think of the live Q & A? Did your question get answered? The comments and questions posted move very fast on Facebook, so I can imagine that some were not seen at all! Sound off below!

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