Syfy Shows 3-Film Star Trek Marathon for 50th Anniversary

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Hey Trekkies! The Syfy Channel has something for you tomorrow (Thursday, Sept. 8) – a three-film marathon, plus trivia, “social and digital viewer engagement,” and some other surprises.

Starting at 8 am eastern/7 am central, and continuing throughout the day, Syfy will run Star Trek VIII: Generations, Star Trek: First Contact, and Star Trek IV: Voyage Home (the trio will loop three times during the day). The channel says they’re celebrating Star Trek’s 50th anniversary, and will also have special video content from last week’s Star Trek: Mission New York Convention.

Syfy invites you to play along during the day, Fans and viewers can send  photos into the Twitter handle @Syfy with their best Vulcan Salute – Live Long and Prosper (fun fact – I can’t do this. I also can’t do the “hook ’em horns” thingie or make a “phone me” gesture. Hopeless.).  Using the hashtag #SyfyLLAP , you have a chance for your photo and content you create to be featured on-air during the marathon.  Additionally, all day Thursday fans can interact and guess answers to on-air Star Trek trivia by using the hashtag #StarTrekTrivia. Let us know if you win anything!

They’ve released these two special short videos in advance of airing tomorrow during the programming. Here’s the whale scene from Star Trek IV, translated:

And from the same film, “The headliners of Star Trek IV – the humpback whales George and Gracie – live tweeted the movie and we have brought it to you because we love Star Trek and we love whales and we love Twitter.”

Did you attend the Star Trek convention? Share your photos on our Facebook page! We’d love to see the cosplay, panels, guests, and whatever else you saw!

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