“Tales Of Zestiria the X” Anime Gets Second Season

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Following todays penultimate episode airing on Funimation, the studio behind Tales Of Zestiria X announced a second season would be coming in 2017. The 23 second announcement trailer doesn’t provide us with anything new other than the fact that season 2 is coming in 2017. Funimation has been broadcast dubbing the series, only a few weeks behind the Japan simulcast.

The recent Crunchyroll and Funimation partnership had many hoping to find Tales on the Crunchyroll catalog but sadly it was not one of the ones that made it. This is likely due to how the license was signed for the first season. However, we expect that when season 2 licensing is negotiated Funimation will setup the agreement to fit their new format. That format would mean all simulcast subbed episodes would appear on Crunchyroll with broadcast dubbed episodes showing up on Funimation. Then once the series finishes airing its new season, Funimation will deliver a home video release.

Robert Prentice