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Trailer Released for Pratt/Lawrence Film “Passengers” – Get On Board!

Sony’s got a bit of a sleeper on its hands, I think. Passengers, a film set for release just before Christmas, is the biggest star/least publicity film I’ve seen recently. With heavyweights Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence, and oh, toss in Keanu Reeves, wouldn’t you think we’d have heard more about this? Or that the film would at least have a website? Or – at the VERY least – an active Facebook page? The answers, sci fi film lovers, are No, No, and No.

And that’s too bad! The trailer that was released today looks astounding. Pratt and Lawrence are, yes, passengers, on what looks like a luxury spaceship, where they’ve been flash frozen for what should be a 120-year flight to a distant planet. But something goes drastically wrong – watching people sleep for 120 years wouldn’t be too interesting – and they wake up. Just them, not all the other 5,000 passengers in their own hibernation pods.

We boarded the Avalon with a destination. 120 years’ hibernation means a wakeup in a new century, on a new planet, but a year ago, everything changed.

Jim and Aurora quickly fall in love – what else is there to do? but their wake-up is just the start of their troubles, it looks like. Watching the trailer, I deduce that Pratt’s got a secret, there’s some kind of plot afoot, and yes, the robot waiter has no pants.

At the end of the trailer, there’s a contest to win a “date” in zero gravity – good luck!

The film does have a Facebook page, but there’s next to nothing on it. Check it out, and try to make some noise there. Follow their 2-tweet account on Twitter: @PassengersMovie.

Passengers opens December 21.

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