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American Horror Story Gets A 7th Season!

Great news for American Horror Story fans! FX has announced the creepy, and sometime sinister series, will be back for a 7th season! Speaking to EW as part of a recent cover story, co-creator Ryan Murphy revealed he already knows what the new season will entail. The idea sprung out of the blue as have most of the previous incarnations. “It comes to me as it always comes to me,” says Murphy. “I sit up and bed and I say ‘That’s it!’ I have been mulling a couple of ideas and I wasn’t loving it. Then I was thinking of this other thing and I literally sat up and bed and said ‘That’s it!’ Whenever it happens it’s such a relief because it’s so much pressure.”

Murphy says, like the current AHS: Roanoke which feature a big twist in episode 6, season 7 will shake things up for the fans. “It’s also a narratively strange idea,” he admits. “I’ve already started to call people saying, ‘Put this on your calendar.’ It’s a good one.”

EW previously revealed that Murphy was also working on a separate, covert season of AHS, which could possibly be season 8. Says Murphy, “It’s my secret season. I’ve been working with a writer on a season that only he and I know. It’s like a 2 year project that we’ll continue to work to on it on the sly and not tell anybody.”

The series’ Roanoke-themed sixth season. Per FX, the premiere drew a combined linear and non-linear audience of 13 million viewers, making it the franchise’s third biggest bow (behind only the debuts of AHS: Freak Show and AHS: Hotel.)(TVLine)

American Horror Story:Season 6, My Roanoke Nightmare on FX, Wednesdays at 9 PM central.

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