The Flash: 304 Review – Spiderman-ish Life Lessons, Relationships Studies, and Quotes

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The Flash 304 Review – Rogues will be Rogues

Another week, another Flash episode! This week we have “The New Rogues” being up to no good. The Wells are ready to skip town people are pairing up like it’s homecoming. So let’s kick things off with . . .

Madcap Recap

  1. Leonard Snart gets a cameo! Wait, come back! I miss you.
  2. Where was Scudder between seasons one and three? Admiring himself in the mirror and waiting for his big moment like a diva?
  3. Barry thinks everything is awesome but is worried it’ll go to sh*t in a hot second.
  4. Barry and Jesse make a cute team, but they can’t save the day yet because they both need to Learn Something™!
  5. Harrison Wells can’t be the SAME Wells in every season! Time for a ridiculously vague reason for him to leave but not really leave.
  6. This production of “Let’s Get Physical” brought to you by Barry and Iris with special guests Wally and Jesse.
  7. There’s an incense joke in this episode, but The Flash is a family show, so let’s not go there.
  8. Mirror Master and Top are defeated by the age-old teaching, “Run smarter, not harder.”
  9. Enter Harrison Wells Version 3.0! I think the writers are running out of ideas…
  10. Caitlin is basically Elsa from Frozen. “Conceal, don’t feel. Don’t let them know.” Let it go, Caitlin.
The Flash 304 Review

Grant Gustin as Barry Allen and Violett Beane as Jesse Quick [Source: The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.]

With Great Power Comes . . . You Know the Drill

Barry and Jesse did a little roleplaying in this episode: Barry was Uncle Ben, and Jesse was Peter Parker. Barry took well to being a teacher; he even admitted he’s sounding like Oliver back when Oliver trained him. At least he’s not shooting Jesse with arrows!

The whole vaguely-Spiderman idea of “great power, great responsibility” has been present throughout Season 3 so far, and it’s an important (albeit overused) one. Barry learned the hard way that he can’t make reckless decisions, and he’s trying to pass that on to Jesse. By the end of the episode, that message has sunk well into both of them.

As for Caitlin, she’ll have to learn that lesson soon enough. For now she’s trying to hide, but that strategy clearly won’t work in the long run. She’ll definitely be responsible with her power, but it’s the power itself that scares her.

The Flash 304 Review

Grey Damon as Sam Scudder and Ashley Rickards as Rosalind Rosa Dillion [Source: The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.]

Love Is In the Air – Relationship Studies

It may almost be Halloween, but in this latest Flash episode, it might as well be Valentine’s Day! Let’s take a closer look at our lovebirds.

Barry and Iris: It was fun to see this episode focus in part on Barry’s PDA problem because that’s the kind of light-hearted material we need on this show. The Flash has gotten progressively darker in tone, so some silliness and awkward moments are certainly welcome. Barry and Iris are going on dates, solving crime together, the usual. But there’s the complicated matter of them being sorta-kinda-definitely siblings in all but blood. Joe doesn’t want to see them kissing. Barry doesn’t want Joe to see them kissing. Iris wants the boys to get over themselves, already!

The Westallen relationship has a lot going for it: the two of them have a deep emotional bond that surpasses simple attraction, they know each other’s secrets and trust each other, and its been proven their love surpasses time and space. Cheesy though it is, you can’t ignore the “rightness” of this couple.

The Flash 304 Review

Grant Gustin as Barry Allen and Candice Patton as Iris West [Source: The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.]

Wally and Jesse: The couple that’s meant to be if they could just stay in the same damn universe! Wally and Jesse, like Barry and Iris, are simply cute together; I have no problem with them hooking up. And even though Jesse went back to her Earth, I have no doubt she’ll be back eventually. By the time she gets back, Wally will also be a speedster and they can have speed dates! Hah! Thank you, I’ll be here all week.

The Westwells (Jelly? Quickest? ) relationship—or whatever you want to call their combined name to be—is adorable, certainly, but has some obstacles standing in the way. The obvious one being that they’re from different Earths. But love knows no bounds, right? So setting that aside, we have the parents . . . Joe’s cool but I think Harry would be overly protective, don’t you? And finally, there’s the matter of envy if Wally doesn’t become a meta-human. He’d be so envious of Jesse all the time. It would weigh on their relationship. But, he will get powered up, so what am I even worried about?

The Flash 304 Review

Wentworth Miller as Leonard Snart and Grey Damon as Sam Scudder [Source: The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.]


This episode was a lot of fun and had some memorable lines. Enjoy!

Barry to Jesse: “When you enter a new environment, you got to case every inch of it. You never run in blind. Oh my god, I’ve become Oliver.”

Barry to Iris: “I have everything that I’ve ever wanted right now.”

Top: “Quick to run, quick to fall.”
Jesse: *knocks her out* “Quick to learn.”

Iris: “I thought you guys were supposed to talk about us.”
Barry and Joe: “We did.”
Iris: “Then why are you acting so weird?”
Barry: “I’m not . . .”
Joe: “If you two wanna . . . cuddle . . . make out . . . do whatever. Go for it. I don’t care.”

Barry: “Yeah, sure, I’ll talk to him [Joe] . . . about us kissing. It’s not gonna be awkward at all.”
Iris: “Let me know how it goes.”
Barry: “It’s gonna be awkward, that’s how.”

Caitlin: “Hey, Harry, are you really sure you have to leave?”
Harry: “Just a lot I still have to fix on my Earth.”
Cisco: “Yeah, but you know it’s more fun when you’re here helping us fix stuff on our Earth.”
Barry: “He is right. It hasbnt ben the same without you.”
Caitlin: “The team doesn’t feel complete without Harrison Wells.”

The Flash 304 Review

Violett Beane as Jesse Quick [Source: The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.]

Cisco: “Um, uh . . .”
Harry: “She’s, uh . . .”
Cisco: “Top! Like a top. She’s The Top! That’s her name. Top. Amazing.” *To Harry* “What, you want to go?”
Caitlin: “Okay . . .

Barry: “Okay, so I . . . I know it’s probably awkward seeing me and Isis kiss.”
Joe: “Um, yeah.”
Barry: “Yeah. So, I . . . I was just thinking maybe . . . did it have to be awkward?”
Joe: “Do you mean like this conversation?”
Barry: “Yeah, like this conversation.”
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