Poe Dameron Issue 7: This is Why You ALWAYS Bring a Blaster

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The last issue of the comic series Poe Dameron had left us wanting to know who the mole is in Black Squadron leaking information to Agent Terex about their hunt for Lor San Tekka (see my previous review on issues 1-6). So where I thought the next issue would take us on another mission while Poe worked to try to flush out the traitor, instead writer Charles Soule treated us to a one-shot introducing a new character.

Even leaders of secret resistance organizations need to take a day off, and Poe believes that he is going to get to relax for a day. He didn’t get the memo that squadron leaders in the Star Wars universe never get to do that.  Just ask Wedge Antilles about that vacation he wanted to take before he was sent to Adumar.  Yet he still goes to Pheryon to meet an old navy buddy, Suralinda Javos.

Sura is an investigative journalist who used to be a member of the New Republic Navy.  She is also from an almost extinct race of reptilian humanoids called Squamatan.  As far as I’m aware in my “don’t ask me how many years” of Star Wars knowledge, this is the first time we have heard of this race.  Her main goal is to get information about the First Order she hints that she has into the hands of Senator Organa and the Resistance.  In doing her investigating, she found enough clues to hint at Poe’s hand in the Resistance.

Poe didn’t know about this information when he agreed to meet his old friend for drinks and to watch the stormsail races.  He also wasn’t expecting the First Order to show up trying to capture Sura for the information she has – leaving them without his X-Wing or even a blaster to defend themselves.

Poe Dameron Issue 7 - Artist Angel Unzueta

Poe Dameron Issue 7 – Artist Angel Unzueta

Cue the egotistical flyboy jumping into the stormsail and believing that he can fly it – and them – to safety. Will he make it, or are they going to crash into the side of a building?!

Come on, folks, this is pre-Force Awakens.  We’re not going to see Poe “Best Pilot In the Resistance” Dameron die anywhere in his own comic line.  We can, however, see him get nice and shaken, twitchy, and possibly seasick from his own flying. This is a nice touch of realism for Poe to show that even he can take his piloting a bit too far into the “oh god, oh god we’re all going to die” school of flying.

The lack of sea legs is what gets Poe and Sura captured by the First Order and separated.  Poe has a great moment where he tries to barter for his release by offering to fight one of the stormtrooper guards one on one – and let them keep their armor on.  I was wanting one of the troopers to take him up on that offer!  Lucky for him, Sura has a few genetic tricks up her sleeve – or in her mouth – that allows her to save him and escape to the hidden Resistance base.

And that, my friends, is where the final twist in the story happens – something you will need to pick up the issue for yourself to see.  However, it will make Suralinda into a possible reoccurring character in the series and a tool Poe can use to now focus on the mole.

Overall, this is my current favorite storyline in the Poe Dameron series so far.  My favorite scene is still the BB-8 led Operation Upside from issue #6, but the escape scene with Poe in the stormsail is a close second.  It’s full of pure pilot ego, a solid story, and the snark of two friends caught up in a mess of their own making.  Head to your local comic shop to pick this up now, or download it to your Kindle today. If you haven’t started reading the Poe Dameron comics yet, you can pre-order the first trade paperback of issues 1-6 on Amazon.

Issue #8 of Poe Dameron is due out on November 9th.  Written by Charles Soule, this issue kicks off the next story arc.  Per Mavel: Agent Terex has sworn vengeance against Poe Dameron! But how does he always seem to know what Black Squadron is doing? Could there truly be a traitor in their midst?


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Alison Sky Richards