The Living And The Dead, Image from BBC

Preview: BBC’s The Living And The Dead Will Give You An Old Fashioned Scare

The Living And The Dead will air on BBC America on Thursday, October 27, starting at 9/8c. All six episodes will air that night, so prepare yourself for a long, but excellent, night of television. The entire series will be available for streaming the following day on BBC America.

Nathan Appleby, a Victorian psychologist on the foremost edge of his discipline, brings his like-minded wife Charlotte to his family’s estate in a rural community. They want to make a life on the estate. They also want to bring more modern ideas and technology to the farm and the community. To make this dream happen, Nathan needs to leave his psychology days behind him. However, he’s presented with one case after another, each with disturbing events and implications. Perhaps most important to Nathan is that at the center of each case is a person who needs his help.

Preview: The Living And The Dead

Image from BBC

As the disturbing happenings in the town continue, Nathan begins to question his belief in science. Are all of these events coincides? Or is there something supernatural at work?

Want to find out more? Watch the Living And The Dead on October 27 for a Halloween weekend binge watching marathon. It’s a mystery rolled up in a ghost story, which hits just the right notes for a Halloween television show.

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