Teen Wolf: The Final Season’s First Official Trailer

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The official first trailer for the final season of Teen Wolf appeared today on MTV Social Media ahead of their trip to New York Comic Con (NYCC). This one is going to make all the Stydia fans very, very happy.


Jeff Davis has been hinting at Stiles and Lydia’s relationship being part of the endgame of the show for seasons. It looks like he is about to deliver if this trailer is any indication.

Now, here are three things I saw in this trailer that I want answers to right now:

  1. Beyond Stiles and Peter, who else is in the land of the forgotten (please say Isaac, Jackson, and Danny)?
  2. What happened to the Stilinski house?!
  3. Why does Peter look so darn yummy in that scruff?


So far from everything that has been released on season 6, this is what we know is going to happen: The Wild Hunt.  This is the Norse Myth that was first talked about in Parrish’s storyline about the type of Hellhound that he is.  Now Teen Wolf is big on playing with mythology and twisting it to meet their storylines, so this will be interesting to see where they will go.  We know that the Ghost Riders will be taking Stiles someplace else and erasing his existence from the minds of his friends and family. We can also tell that some length of the plot will involve getting the pack to remember him and rescue him as well as keeping others from being taken. My bet is going for 10 episodes, since Teen Wolf is consistent on making 10-12 episode story arcs in this series.

There is talk that there will be three bad guys in this season.  The first is obviously the Ghost Riders, though in the promo videos there are more than three of them.  Beyond them, you have the Dread Doctors still out there, plus the escaped Nazi Man Previously in a Jar whose motivations no one knows. Kate Argent is technically still hiding under a rock in the dessert. Oh, and Cody Christian is signed up for season 6 so that means Theo is going to be resurfacing sometime soon. Plus, the cherry on top – Uncle Sexy in a V-Neck Peter Hale has returned.  That is a lot of players going against Team McCall and a lot of resolution that Teen Wolf is going to have to work on with only 20 episodes left.

Teen Wolf will be present at NYCC this weekend, and I’m sure more news and spoilers will be hitting the social networks. Maybe we will get a final answer on if we will see any other Hales returning to the show for the final season: it’s still uncertain from interviews on if Tyler Hoechlin will bring Derek back for a final goodbye between his costume changes from Clark Kent to Superman over on Supergirl. Keep an eye hear and I will try and wrap up all the NYCC news regarding Teen Wolf next week.


Alison Sky Richards