The Walking Dead – Review – Premiere- ‘The Day Will Come’


   trau·ma·tize – verb past tense: traumatized; past participle: traumatized
       1. subject to lasting shock as a result of an emotionally disturbing experience.

  • I couldn’t sleep after watching. I’m still reeling from the episode. I can’t bring myself to watch it again. Once was enough.And so it goes, that’s how I spent my Sunday night, with the return of The Walking Dead. Season 7, episode 1, ‘The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be’. That quote was uttered by Dr. Edward Jenner to Rick in an earlier season, when Rick thanks him and tells Jenner he is grateful. Dr. Edwin Jenner responds, “The day will come when you won’t be.”
    Well let me tell you this, I am not grateful…I am traumatized after watching this episode. I knew what was coming, I knew who the victims would be, and I thought I was prepared. For seven, long, months, I have waited for this premiere. For seven, long, months, I was thinking about this. I am still feeling unwell. It was B R U T A L !
    The aggravation of the cliffhanger, was nothing compared to Sunday night’s episode. The ending episode of season 6 was nothing. A mere pittance of an episode compared to this. This episode will be talked about, for a long time to come.
    It was the end for 2 of the most loved and respected characters in this show. Abe and Glenn are gone. In a matter of minutes, gone. Horrible to watch, even more horrible for the cast to film. It’s over. And I for one, am glad.
    The story of Negan will resonate through this entire season. I am calling it, Negan’s season. We will see so much of him in the next episodes, he will be unforgettable. He is a brutal, severe and evil minded character. He is also funny, happy and charismatic. All rolled into one, hot mess. Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s portrayal of Negan, is spot on. He nailed it. He has become Negan.
    He broke Rick. Yes, broke him. I have never in the history of this show, seen Rick more vulnerable and terrified as in this episode. Hell, they were all terrified! The crying and the sobbing and the looks on their faces were almost unreal. You could almost image the scene was really happening! Negan systematically took everything that Rick holds dear, and squashed it. The little ride in the RV, tightened Negan’s grip over Rick. Mind games plus 100. Brainwashing Rick into knowing that there is not one damned thing Rick can do about about anything. He is powerless. The part where Negan almost talked Rick into cutting off Carl’s hand was barbaric. And Carl would have let it be done!. This Negan guy is something else!
    the walking dead
    The hard left turn happened. Not many people expected it, but it went down. Abe’s storyline was already over in the comic. Having been shot through the eye by Dwight. Our girl Denise, got that pleasure, so Abe survived in the show. But that being said, his story circle was closed in the last few episodes of season 6. especially in episode 616, ‘The Last Day On Earth’. He was in love with Sasha, and talking about all the wonderful things they could have in life. She called him champ in the RV. That was just one of my clues to his demise. In 616, whoever Negan was hitting with the bat, he said, ‘taking it like a champ’. There ya go. His almost heartbreaking goodbye to Eugene, was another clue. So it was then I knew it would be Abe.
    the walking dead
    Glenn’s death was a given. Already, his character had survived so many near death experiences. It is Glenn’s death in the comic, that leads to Maggie taking over Hilltop. It has been coming for a very long time. They had to do it, to move the story, and characters forward. Although it was highly anticipated, it was still a heartbreaking, brutal scene. His outcry for Maggie and his telling her,’ I will find you’, ripped me apart.
    the walking dead
    Daryl is another story. His actions, led to Negan killing Glenn. In an attempt to possibly save a life, Daryl jumps up and knocks Negan down. That only further infuriated Negan, and his answer was to kill Glenn. Daryl is now Negan’s prisoner and whipping boy. I am anxious to see how far Negan will push Daryl’s punishment. Will he break Daryl also?
    he walking deadWith the others left to clean up the mess, Negan and his men leave. Rosita and Sasha take Abe’s headless body. Maggie, with the help of Rick and others, take Glenn’s remains. Maggie is heading to Hilltop. She knows she must get to the doctor. Rick, throughout all of this madness, has seen a future that no longer will exist. The group, whole and healthy, along with little Hershel, sitting around at a dinner, enjoying their lives. This is the scene that sealed it for me. I cried.
    the walking dead
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