Westworld: 105 Preview: “Something True”

By: DJ Gray October 27, 2016

“Something True,”  the teaser preview for episode five of Westworld only whets the appetite for the full episode that much more.   After the mind-blowing revelations in episode four, seeing this preview only made me wish it was Sunday already, so I could know the rest of it.   The deftness that the writers, actors, and crew display as they keep us on the edge of our seats, revealing only just enough to keep us coming back for more every week is astounding.

Delores and The Man In Black’s storylines keep getting more entangled and we’re definitely very far down the rabbit hole here, between the quest for the Maze and the new narratives being constructed by Ford and how it is all intertwined together.   For everything we learn gives us three times more questions than they answer.

See the teaser for yourself here and then comment with your thoughts on where episode five is going to take us, what new things we might learn, and where the story will go from there.


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DJ Gray