Westworld: Extra Content – Intake Protocol

By: DJ Gray October 30, 2016

One of the most interesting things about Westworld is that the promotion material available through the website is a treasure trove of easter eggs.   With a show that is as complex and detail-oriented as this one is, each little bit of information is highly valued. Each tidbit, while alone, might not seem like a whole lot, when added to the larger picture of the park and the various plots, increases your knowledge of the show as a whole.

It also displays just how much thought that HBO and the show’s creative team have put into this.   So if you haven’t already played around on DiscoverWestworld.com, I highly encourage you to do that thing.   You won’t be disappointed.

Here we have a glimpse at some of the inner workings of the park infrastructure.  This first image is what is referred to as the Host Intake Protocol.   We’ve seen bits of it before in the show, however this image clarifies what the exact procedure is.

The fact that it also shows us what standard procedure is, as well as what they refer to as “unusual activity” is pretty telling.  



Here is an interactive image of what Delores’ normal narrative loops consists of.  In light of her going off with William and Logan (and being sent after the Maze by Bernard), it’s interesting to see what normality looked like for her before the events in the show started.  As Ford says in tonight’s episode, “her modest little loop.”  

It also gives us a template for how the park’s narrative department lays out their decision making trees for the various hosts in the park, which will probably come in handy as the show progresses. 




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DJ Gray