Westworld: Extra Content – Mesa Map

By: DJ Gray October 16, 2016

So one of the best things about the Westworld experience so far and one of the more intriguing parts of it has been the tidbits that get revealed as the episodes air. My editor sent me an email back in August with a link to DiscoverWestworld.com and a password. I checked it out and registered for it,  going through the motions, and it’s given me some very interesting information.    With one of the passwords, I was able to access one of the park’s private terminals, which gave me access to their internal security panel. 

The glimpse there of some of the internal correspondence as well as some of the corporate alerts was highly intriguing. However, one of the best bits of information I stumbled on was this.  The official Mesa Complex Map for Westworld, taken directly from the Delos Destinations servers.    So as you’re watching the next few episodes, here’s a handy map to refer to for the scenes in the complex itself.



Intrigued by this?   Want to know more?    Tune in tonight at 9/8 central on HBO for the third episode of one of the most compelling new shows of the fall season.  ‘The Stray”  will give us some new insights into the characters we’re already familiar with, as well as deepening our understanding of this world.

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DJ Gray