Doctor Strange: Director Steve Derrickson Chats at EW Popfest

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It’s an exciting few weeks for great movies, and my theater budget is going to be exhausted by Christmas. But it’s so worth it! I had the good fortune of seeing Marvel’s Doctor Strange a week early, at the EW Popfest, and really enjoyed it. It was fun, mind-bending, thought-provoking, and beautifully shot. Benedict Cumberbatch was a great choice for the elegant, arrogant reluctant mystic. Tilda Swinton, with her supreme air of authority and extreme, near-vampire paleness, was a great Ancient One. If you haven’t yet seen the film, go! And as with all Marvel films,  make sure you stay through the credits.


As I hadn’t known the story of Doctor Strange before the film (but I am a big fan of the Marvel films), I’m not going to subject you to a real review, and I’m certainly not going to get into details of where, if at all, the film deviated from the comic story, etc. I’ll leave that to you, and you’re welcome to comment below with your opinions (and I’d be very interested to hear them!).



Steve Ditko

Steve Ditko

What I can bring you, though, is the Popfest chat with the film’s director, Steve Derrickson (please note that I fumbled the beginning of the chat, so you’re missing maybe 30 seconds at the start, but nothing significant). In it, he discusses how they came up with certain aspects of the film, the importance of Steve Ditko’s original story and art to the look of the movie, and so much more. There was a Q&A following the chat which is not included here. I hope this gives you some great info – I thought it was really interesting to listen to!

Marvel’s Doctor Strange Website

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