Exclusive Content! #SDCC Interviews on Teen Wolf Season 6

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The season 6 premiere of Teen Wolf is just hours away!  While you wait for S6E1 “Memory Lost” to start, we’ve got some treats to get you into the mood.

First: The episode summary for tonight from MTV.com

With graduation approaching, a supernatural force rides into Beacon Hills and crosses paths with Scott and his friends, while Liam discovers evidence of a new enemy in the high school.

Second: MTV has released the opening title sequence for this half of the season and it is like nothing we’ve seen before on this show.


I personally love this opening.  There is a lot going on which makes it hard to catch everything the first go around… or the tenth, honestly. But the purpose of it is double-fold.  It is acknowledging that yes, this is the final season and here are all the flashbacks.  At the same time, it’s also pointing out that our memories of how we got here are important.

If you’re like me, you’ve looked for the clues that the opening sequence has every year.  After all, one of the biggest reveals that we had in the title credits for almost two seasons before it happened was Derek’s evolution to the full wolf – something I pointed out in my season 3A retrospective.

And speaking of full wolf – the very first split second before Scott’s face is on the screen, there’s a black wolf with red eyes.  I’m just going to point to the previous paragraph and leave it to that.

Also, can we just agree that it’s about time that Linden Ashby, Melissa Ponzio, and JR Bourne get main cast billing for the show.  I’m sad not to see Ian Bohen up there, but he’s also not going to show up for a few episodes so there’s hope for the second half of the season.  But go Team Single Parents!

My favorite sequence in this BTW is the fading of Allison’s arrow into the Nogitsune.  It is just visually appealing to me how the two move along the same plane of direction. Kudos to the editor on this one.

Exclusive ComicCon 2016 Interviews with Teen Wolf Cast and Creator

We have been holding back our interviews from SDCC until today so that the spoilers we managed to get them to spill will be fresh in your mind when you’re glued to your TV set tonight.  We were able to get one on one with Tyler Posey, Holland Roden, Cody Christian, Dylan Sprayberry, and Jeff Davis.  We tried to get as much gossip about the upcoming season as we could, but those stupid confidentiality contracts foiled our plans.

We did get a few juicy spoilers, though.  Take a listen to our interview playlist:


Some of the things I pulled away from these (beyond our needing to invest in a better microphone next year) are:

  • One of the major themes this season is about maturity: The seniors are transitioning into the adult world and Liam is also maturing to be able to help Scott as his protégé while Scott leaves Beacon Hills for college.  Stemming off that, themes about importance of memories, connections, and anchors will be explored.


  • Scott is single this season, and Posey is excited for that.  While he does enjoy making out, he’s happy Scott will get a break this season to focus on himself.  He is also going to be struggling with the idea on if Beacon Hills will be safe if he leaves.


  • Scott may be single, but Lydia is going to have the relationship plot this year.  Will it be the dashing Deputy Parrish (who admits her onscreen chemistry is helped from knowing Ryan Kelly for over eight years now), or will it be Stiles to give all the #Stydia fans their OTP on screen?


  • Season 6 is going to be bouncing around in different time periods, which will give the writers a lot of shiny things to play with.  It’s been heavily hinted that there may be another banshee to come from this as Teen Wolf explores their version of banshee mythology outside of the Martin family line.  Keep an eye on either episode 6 or 8, written by Angela Harvey, as this is going to be a great episode for Lydia per Holland.


  • Theo is back from Hell, and he’s a changed man per Cody.  We’re going to get a hint of what he went through while in Hell, and see how his perspective changed from it.  There’s going to be a level of vulnerability and humanity in him now, and will that allow him to be able to get some form of redemption over time from the McCall pack?


  • And finally, yes, there will be a Nazi Werewolf villain.  Because what genre show doesn’t eventually have a Nazi in it if they can pull it off, right?


So that’s what I have.  There is less than 5 hours before season 6 starts, so get yourself caught up on where we left off at the end of season 5, read back on my season 1-4 retrospective series, my previous blog on all the trailers with speculation on the season, and then jump onto Amazon or head over to MTV and have a season 5 marathon.

I’ll see you at the East Coast airing over at @threeifbyspace on Twitter to live tweet during the premiere! Follow me there, or at @aliskyrichards and as always, remember to subscribe to the blog to keep on top of all the Teen Wolf news as I hear about it!

Feature Photo from Entertainment Tonight. Check out their other exclusive cast photos!
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