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Holiday Gift Guide for the Teen Wolf Fan

By: Alison Sky Richards
Gift Guide teen wolf

Do you have someone on your Gift List who is a Teen Wolf fan?  If so, you have an opportunity to make their day by sprinkling a bit of their obsession inside those pretty wrapped packages.

Here’s a non-definitive guide on items out there to consider.  I’ve tried to include things in every price range, as well as making sure to focus on both the items you can find at all the main retailers, as well as special picks from Small Business merchants so you can #ShopSmall and feel good about your gift choices!

And finally, for the person who lives far away or has literally everything, at the end I will quickly discuss a few charities that the cast of Teen Wolf are active in.  If you aren’t familiar with the #GivingTuesday movement – basically it’s a gift to a non-profit for the holidays to spread the holiday cheer while supporting a good cause.  So make a donation to your gift recipient by making a donation to their show or favorite actor’s cause!

Gifts for All Price Ranges

stilinski-jerseyOne of the reoccurring things in Teen Wolf is that most of the characters are on the lacrosse team.  You can get your special person a jersey that matches the number of their favorite character: 24 for Stiles, 11 for Scott, 14 for Isaac, 9 for Liam, 37 for Jackson, or 15 for Kira.  They also have one for Derek (00) even though he wasn’t a lacrosse player. If they aren’t a jersey type, you can also get a hoodie sweatshirt with their name and number instead.

Teen Wolf also has an official calendar out for 2017 that includes images from season 5.  There are also a plethora of customized cell phone cases you can find, including this one of Stiles’ jersey number. And of course, what Teen Wolf fan wouldn’t want the Wolf’s Best Friend t-shirt with Scott and Stiles?

If you’re looking to win your Teen Wolf fan’s “best present of their life” gift, you could look into getting them a ticket to the final HowlerCon.  This is the big Teen Wolf convention held in New Jersey with 2017 having it from June 23-25th.   Since Teen Wolf is in its final season, there is no guarantee that there will be a show specific convention in the US again.  If you are outside of the USA, lists a few conventions already scheduled in Europe and I know there are a lot more to come.  Teen Wolf has also gone to Australia, but I don’t see anything scheduled yet for 2017.

Photo by Ian Bohen.

Photo by Ian Bohen.

Outside of Teen Wolf, the actors have done a bunch of different projects that your fan may or may not be aware of.  Arden Cho (Kira) is also an amazing singer/songwriter and her 2013 album My True Happy is available as an MP3 download.  Tyler Hoechlin (Derek) made a few movies before he went on to pick up the Superman cape over on Supergirl.  They include both Everybody Wants Some!! and Undrafted.  Keahu Kahuanui (Danny) started Partikular, a company that makes handmade leather and vintage goods, including amazing suspenders that Ian Bohen has modeled a few times online.

And finally, you can never go wrong with getting the DVD of the shows.  For Teen Wolf, that includes season 1, season 2, seasons 3A and 3B, season 4, season 5A and the newly released season 5B.

If you want to make it easier – you can always get them a one year gift membership to Amazon Prime, where Teen Wolf is available for unlimited streaming with a membership (as well as Arden’s music).


There are way too many great artists on sites like Etsy that this section can become huge.  I highly suggest you go to a few places and just type in Teen Wolf to find all the offerings  This is just a few select ideas to get you started.

First up: For the tea lover in your life – Adaigo Teas has about 30 different contributors to their Teen Wolf selections.  My personal favorite set belongs to Allyson Moisan.  I highly recommend both the Stiles and Derek blends (and yes, you could mix the teas and make a Sterek blend).  Pick and choose from their favorite characters to create a mini gift of tea!

Then we have jewelry.  Lots of jewelry.  Like a replica of the Argent Pendent, or McCall Pack earrings,  or the Hale Pack Triskelion necklace.

Little Sister by Sova. Purchase Here

Little Sister by Sova. Purchase Here

And of course, Teen Wolf has a lot of amazing fan artists that it’s almost impossible to pick just one to focus on – but the article does have a word limit!  Now while I’m not a Sterek fan, Sova has been one of my favorite fanart creators since I got involved in the fandom.  I discovered her on Tumblr when her Heart Tree was making the rounds.  However, Little Sister is my favorite because there is not enough Derek & Cora reunion artwork out there for me. The article cover image is her Christmas Chibis. Her store on Society 6 allows you to look at her artwork, and find multiple kinds of gifts that you can put her artwork on.



All the actors of Teen Wolf have charities close to their hearts, and are constantly doing events to raise funds for these causes.  The biggest one of many is #LoveIsLouder, a project of the Jed Foundation and supported by MTV.  You can donate to the project, get involved, or purchase merchandise to wear and help raise awareness of the project.


Ever since his niece was born with cystic fibrosis 17 years ago, JR Bourne has been an active supporter of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.  He, along with Ian, Holland, Ryan, and the Carver twins started #Howl4aCure to benefit them.

This group has also taken their fundraising efforts a step further and you can now use the website/app BIDCHAT to be able to stream with the actors.  They will set up scheduled events through this site, use their social media to advertise the event, and the funds fans donate to join the events go directly to charity.  This is a wonderful way to give to the actors’ causes all through the year.

Tyler Posey is a strong supporter of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  Dylan O’Brien, along with Holland Roden, Crystal Reed, and Colton Haynes, are advocates of the NOH8 Campaign.  Their mission is to promote marriage, gender and human equality through advocacy, education, and visual protest. Ian Bohen recently went skydiving as a fundraiser for Project Rescue, an organization dedicated to rescuing and helping victims of sexual slavery.  He is also speaking out against bullying and has spoken for Anti-Bullying Pro,  a campaign through the Diana’s Award.  Other Teen Wolf members who support this cause include JR, Melissa, Dylan O’Brien, Dylan Sprayberry, and Colton Haynes.

This is just a short list of organizations that these amazing actors support. You can also follow their Twitter accounts to be able to see what their current advocacy projects are.

I hope you find this guide handy!  I’ll see you on Tuesday as I livetweet the East Coast airings of Teen Wolf season 6 on Twitter at @ThreeIfBySpace and @AliSkyRichards.  Remember to subscribe to our newsletter too so you can stay up to date on all the Teen Wolf news as I hear it, and other Holiday Gift Guides for your favorite fandoms.

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