Rogue One – New Trailer!

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There’s something about the look of the upcoming new Star Wars movie, Rogue One, that makes me think that this film might elevate the franchise from slightly campy, fun story to serious sci fi. Face it, as much as we love Star Wars – and make no mistake, we do – it has always straddled the line between Buck Rogers and 2001: A Space Odyssey.

But Rogue One looks to bring the franchise more into the spy/action realm, without losing an ounce of its sci fi nature. It’s bumped up a couple of notches. It’s taking itself more seriously. In other words, it’s not your father’s Jar Jar any more.

Today’s new trailer shows us a little more young Jyn Erso, a glimpse of an old enemy, more plotting, and a whole lot of cool.

Here’s the brand new international trailer, released today (and you know it’s an international trailer when subtitles are in Japanese).

Rogue One opens December 16. I’ll be there, and I know you will too. Comment below with your thoughts about the film, the franchise and the trailer!

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