Westworld: 107 Preview – “Under My Control”

By: DJ Gray November 10, 2016

Episode 7’s preview, titled “Under My Control”  is below and it’s very interesting.  I’m looking forward to seeing what else we find out in this Sunday’s episode.   As predicted, Episode 6, “The Adversary” shed some light on a few things before sending us free-falling further down the rabbit hole of what’s actually going on at the park, with the hosts, and with the staff.   Teresa is involved with siphoning information out of the park, perhaps to this Charlotte Hale person who’s from the board.   Ford’s megalomania is beginning to shine through the benign old scientist-creator mask he’s been wearing,  there’s something going on with both Maeve and Delores.  Also we presently have no idea what’s happened to Elsie or if Sizemore actually did get fired for his stunt.

So what are your thoughts on the teaser? Share them in the comments below!

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DJ Gray