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Westworld: Fan Theories – Bernard Lowe

By: DJ Gray
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We’ve talked about the fan theories before, how they keep springing up faster and faster, and from what we know about the show, not too many of them have been totally disproved. Most of them center around the Man in Black, but there are others out there that center around the other characters and even the park itself.    There are too many theories to really talk about in one article, so today’s post is about our Head of Behavior Programming himself, Bernard Lowe.

Bernard and Elsie discussing the glitch -  John P. Johnson/ HBO

Bernard and Elsie discussing the glitch – John P. Johnson/ HBO


The top theory on everyone’s brain about him is that Bernard is a host.

Let’s look at the ongoing support for this theory, shall we?  The name “Bernard Lowe” is an anagram for “Arnold Weber.” Granted there is no in-show canonical support for Weber as Arnold’s last name, but it does make you wonder about the possible significance there.  This show does nothing by accident, as we’ve seen in these first five episodes. Another telling bit of evidence would be the glasses that he almost always wears but never seems to actually look through.  Why wear glasses if you don’t actually need them?  

The little we’ve seen of his life outside of the park, the conversation with his ex-wife and the realization that their son died young could be interpreted as merely a very convincing backstory or proof that he’s actually human, depending on which theory you believe.

Whenever the other programmers are working with the hosts, checking their diagnostics, the hosts are always naked.  Ford even chides one of them for covering a host up for modesty reasons.  Yet, whenever Bernard and Delores talk, she is always fully clothed.

On screen, the only sexual relationships we’ve seen so far have been between humans and hosts, except for the Teresa and Bernard scenes. They even have a conversation based around the idea that she’s leaving him in the bed after having gotten what she wanted out of him.

Bernard and Ford talking - credit: John P. Johnson/HBO

Bernard and Ford talking – credit: John P. Johnson/HBO

Another prevailing Bernard theory is that somehow, some way he’s Arnold reborn or Arnold’s mind uploaded into a host’s body.  Which is not implausible given what we know about Ford and how the park’s creator interacts with the rest of the staff as opposed to how he interacts with Bernard.  Ford tells Teresa that Bernard “is sensitive” with the implication that she should be careful with him.

Given that we now know that Arnold wanted to destroy the park and Delores was to help him with it,  if Bernard is secretly Arnold/Arnold’s consciousness, that puts a whole new light on the secret talks with Delores as well as his directive to her “to find the maze.”

What do you think?   Is he a host or just a slightly awkward human?  What do you think his role will be in the future of the park itself?  Comment and let us know below.


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