Westworld: Renewed for Season Two!

By: DJ Gray November 14, 2016

On the heels of the breathtaking twists and turns of last night’s episode, where one long speculated fan theory was proved to be true, comes the announcement that Westworld has been renewed for a second season.   Whether you found the news through one of the various press releases that have gone out since last night or if you, like me, discovered it through the hidden easter egg on the DiscoverWestworld.com site, it’s something that comes as a huge delight.   There will be more stories to follow, more characters to be introduced to, and I can only imagine what strange and weird wonders the park will give us in a second season.   It’s very clear from the way the stories have unfolded so far, that that there is so much more here that we’re not getting.   That there are levels of depth here that we just can’t see.   Yet.

There is one downside to this news, however.   Season Two won’t air until 2018 and given the way they’ve been going so far, I’m afraid that whatever the finale has in store for us, we’ll have a bit of wait to see it resolved.

I’m excited to dive further into this world that they’ve created and to see where season two will take us.   Roman World?   Medieval World?   Some place else that we just can’t see yet?   Leave a comment below and tell us what you think!

Stubbs and Bernard Lowe - Image provided by HBO, Credit: John P. Johnson

Stubbs and Bernard Lowe – Image provided by HBO, Credit: John P. Johnson

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DJ Gray