Fairy Tail Part 22 Review – Tartaros Arc Finale

By: Robert Prentice
Fairy Tail Funimation

With the battle of Tartaros still raging on, the wizards of Fairy Tail may have finally met their match. The threat of three thousand Faces hangs over them, and the power of the Demon Gates takes their breath away when they reveal their true Etherious Forms. Right when things begin to look up, an even bigger threat appears—Acnologia! Beaten and exhausted, can the wizards find the strength to take on Tartaros and this monstrous dragon?

When the fire inside Natsu erupts, he will have a startling and unexpected reunion. But the time for catching up and seeking answers will have to wait—E.N.D. and the ready-to-detonate Faces are moments from destroying the magical world as they know it! The final battle for the magical world happens now!

It is very rare air for any anime to get up into 250+ episodes range. Fair Tail is just one of those anime and the manga still has a lot of story left untold on the anime. Part 22 completes the final big arc of the current anime season, and perhaps the most popular arc, the Tartaros Arc. We have seen them face some crazy odds in past seasons but this is the first time they are directly up against a guild of demons from the books of Zeref himself.

Besides the normal dragged out fights that we see in Fairy Tail and anime like it, the fun parts included the reveal of where the dragons have been. Not exactly what everyone was expecting but also heart breaking when Natsu and the others end up losing them all over again. Grey’s fight with his father and eventual gaining of his demon slayer magic is going to make for an interesting show down later on with E.N.D. Knowing who E.N.D. is now is what makes that so much more interesting.

The way everything went down you felt both that the anime was coming to a close and that there was still a lot to tell. This arc got me re-invested enough in the series that I might just read ahead in the manga because I don’t feel like waiting for more answers. The final cut scene where Zeref makes a statement about E.N.D. would shock anyone who hasn’t already read ahead in the manga. And that means it is time for me to pickup Fairy Tail’s most recent manga volumes so I can catch up.

Having to wait for the next arc to appear in the anime is going to suck. In the mean time the Fairy Tail Zero prequel was done and 2 episodes bridging the gap between the end of Tartaros and the start of the next aired through March 2016. Shortly before the current season ended with episode 276, series creator Hiro Mashima tweeted out that production on a new season was underway.

Fans have mixed feelings on this as some want the series to end, while others think there are still plenty of chapters left to bring to the anime screen. Whether the new production will be fillers until there is enough material to translate to anime or if it will go straight to canon material has yet to be revealed. The anime has currently ended around chapter 417 of the manga material, with 509 chapters published so far.

You can pickup Part 22 on Amazon now to complete the Tartaros arc.

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