One Punch Man Volume 08 Tells the Story of a Liar

By: Courtney Sanders
king One-Punch Man volume 08

“One Punch Man” follows Saitama and his apprentice Genos as they work to become heroes within the Hero Association. The problem is that Saitama isn’t that memorable, and doesn’t often seem to concerned about taking credit for the monsters he has defeated. Genos is taking his side of things more seriously since Saitama gave him a goal to reach within the Association.

Volume 08 of “One Punch Man” focuses on King, who accepts the title of the world’s strongest man.The truth is that he has been lucky until now and has simply been at the right place at the right time. Since he was unemployed and people gave him credit for these battles, he did nothing to deny the name given to him or the paycheck supplied to him for his “battles”. In fact, he has never had to prove his ability. The Association sent him everything he needed without ever needing to apply.

Saitama was the one who defeated those monsters each time. He seems kind of nonchalant about everything that takes place in this volume, despite catching King in his lies. Genos was the one who insisted they stuck around to see King in action when a robot appeared to defeat King.

King backed down. He asked for ten minutes before they were to begin their fight, and in those ten minutes he fled. Since Genos is working on increasing his rank within the Association, he took down the robot while Saitama went after King.

I never tire of seeing Genos fight. He is so determined about everything he focuses on. He sets a goal and does not quit until that goal is accomplished. I appreciate his devotion to Saitama as well. During his battle with the robot, he implied Saitama is the strongest man on earth – not King. Genos is intense and brutal.

Saitama is quite the opposite. His attitude towards everything is comical and catches everyone off guard. During King’s complete breakdown, Saitama mentions playing video games, acts confused when a giant bird shows up, and asks blunt questions about why King refuses to fight. After he defeated the bird and saved King’s life, he didn’t force King to tell the truth. He asked him what he’ll do, stated his opinion, and told King he would be back to play more video games sometime.

The end of “One Punch Man” volume 08 featured a meeting between heroes and villains alike. The Hero Association wants to team up with villains in order to defeat the monsters that have been appearing more often. In six months, mankind will face its greatest tragedy and the appearance of monsters show no sign of slowing down. There aren’t enough monsters to defeat them all. There was an appearance of a new villain here – Garo. We don’t know much about him yet, but I’m excited to see what will come of next volume. The heros aren’t happy about the possibility of working with villains in the future.

The bonus chapters feature a story about Genos fighting a feline monster for the Association while Saitama’s task involves looking for a cat and babysitting. Saitama accidentally defeats the monster and manages to find the cat as well, with little to no acknowledgement. The second bonus chapter takes place at a dojo where the team focus more on saving the hot pot they are eating than anything else. This is a good story showing more interaction between Saitama and Genos and has a few good laughs within.

Overall, this was an enjoyable volume old and new readers can both enjoy. It has intense action scenes between Genos and the robot, hilarious responses from Saitama and an interesting story with King. “One Punch Man” is strange, witty, and full of dry humor. The art is amazing to look at; I particularly enjoyed the battle against the robot. Saitama has shown that he is not here for the glory. He’s truly here to have fun and help people. Revenge doesn’t fuel him and neither does the desire of becoming noticeable. 

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