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Outlander: Graham McTavish Chats with Fans

On Monday, Graham McTavish answered fan questions about Outlander, Preacher, and future projects – and much more – on Twitter. Here’s the entire Q&A!

Q (From Caitriona) Looking good chief!!!
A Thank you Sassenach.

Q Do you think Dwalin and Dougal would get on together, or be rivals?
A I’ve met them both, they seem to get on pretty well…

(Duncan Lacroix) Day 12, #22PushupChallenge #combatstress
A Fantastic mate! Love the sun popping through on each rep, very stylish
A (Duncan) Cheers buddy, I’m hoping to one day have boobs as big as yours!
A (Sam Heughan) Loving it buddy! @MyPeakChallenge !?!!!
A (@MyPeakChallenge) Hook it up, Sam!

Q How do you keep your energy levels high for your workouts?
A I try and keep on a good diet and I “don’t let the old man in.”

Q What new projects are you working on?
A I start filming season 2 of Preacher in January @PreacherAMC

Q Have you ever visited Australia and would you have a mind to?
A Many times. I love Oz.

Q Anything new in the works?
A In talks to do a play next autumn

Q Were you in New Zealand during the earthquake? Hope no damage for you!
A Lot of shaking but I was strangely calm.

Q What’s your favorite place in Glasgow? Or do you prefer Edinburgh?
A Too many to mention. Just walking those streets is a great buzz.

Q What cons are you participating in next?
A Jacksonville, Magicon in Germany, Denver, watch this space.

Q Might we see you in a flashback in Outlander? Miss you alread!
A With time travel, anything is possible.

Q What was your fave scene to film in Outlander, and what do you miss most now since you’ve been gone?
A Of the most recent, Colum’s death. I miss the cast.

Q How did you feel when Dougal Mackenzie was to be murdered as it meant the end for him/you on Outlander?
A I knew when I started so it was no surprise. It was a great character to play.

Q Any plans to visit Philly, DC or Maryland?
A Just waiting for an invite.

Q Which of the many roles you have portrayed did you have to do the most study for?
A I love to do research around all characters. It’s part of the fun.

Q Have you read any good books lately?
A Reading a great one now about Krakatoa by Simon Winchester. Also American Blood by Ben Sanders, great thriller.

Q What was your most challenging role?
A They all have their own challenges. Van Gogh was tough.

Q Dougal… do you love him or hate him? Or a bit of both like me.
A I love him. I love all my characters. You have to.

Q Any theater projects in the future?
A I’m in talks to do something in Scotland.

Q I have a friend who prefers Dougal to Jamie because she thinks you are super hot! #notaQ #justsaying
A Tell your friend thank you!

Q Are you planning any meet and greets in the US?
A Jacksonville March, Denver July, Los Angeles May. (note: Jacksonville, FL, CollectiveCon, March 24-26)

Q I’m doing a hobbit-inspired Christmas tree. Once I upload it, would you like to see it?
A Of course.

Q Of all the characters you’ve played who is your favorite?
A Always the one I’m playing currently.

Q What about Dwalin?
A Dwalin is always with me. In fact I’m looking at him right now.

Q Apart from The Hobbit and Outlander, of course, what is your favorite novel?
A The Wind in the Willows. Beautiful and life affirming.

Q Will you take a group pic with us Florida Outlander Fans at CollectiveCon in March? I’ll wear your represent t-shirt.
A Absolutely.

Q Does wearing a kilt make you feel more of a warrior?
A It’s a pretty good feeling.

Q If Dougal could have his pick, Claire or Geillis, and she would reciprocate, who would he choose?
A He could never settle for just one, that is his terrible weakness.

Q Would you say you have met friends for life thru your acting? Or does the contact tend to end with filming?
A Definitely friends for life.

Q Was told Thompson (mom’s family) is part of McTavish clan – any idea if that’s true? If so, I’m honored.
A McTavish is the Gaelic. Thomson is the English version.

Q Can you please tell us something about Preacher Season 2?
A Just read the first episode. You won’t be disappointed…

Q Do you have a stuntman or do you do your own stunts? And have you ever gotten hurt filming?
A I try and go as much as insurance will allow, and yes, I’ve been injured. Stabbed, punched, kneed in the groin.

Q The best and worst thing about being an actor is…
A The license to be imaginative. The worst is saying goodbye to a great role.

Q What’s in ¬†your sporran right now?
A Quite a bit actually.

Q What’s the most difficult accent you’ve had to learn?
A I’m pretty good with accents but I find Welsh hard…

Q How do you think Dougal would react to falling through the stones into 2016?
A He would LOVE it.

Q If you could have gone back in time and talked to your 30 something self, what advice would you give him?
A Listen to your parents.

Q What’s your favorite UK sport? US sport?
A Soccer and NFL.

Q Ever played a role as an American?
A Many times.

Q When is the best time of year to travel to Scotland for vacation?
A May and September are my favorites.

Q Is Preacher still headed to New Orleans, and would that be a new city for you? You seem to like exploring.
A Yes it is. I’ve only been there for short visits before.

Q What is the worst experience you’ve had on any set to date?
A I’ve been lucky. Saw a couple of dwarves nearly float to the ocean by mistake in The Hobbit.

Q I watched the S2 finale. Claire/Jamie are fighting with Dougal. What was going through your mind?
A What’s for lunch?

Q Favorite go-to karaoke song?
A Edelweiss. I do it in a very particular way.

Q Ever have fan encounters that stick out in your mind no matter how much time passes? Or does it blend together after a while?
A Some are very humbling and very moving. Some are hilarious, but all are welcome.

Q Do you plan to write or direct in the future?
A Yes.

Q Got to ask, “grinding the corn,” whose idea?
A Guilty as charged.

Q I’m loving your pushup challenge! Who helped you with different routines?
A Trainer filming but I came up with the different styles.

Q Which do you enjoy most, tv or theater?
A If it’s good, nothing beats theater.

Q Say something in Gaelic?
A Alba Gu Brath. Scotland Forever. You can get it on my limited edition t-shirt for charity. (note: campaign is now closed)

Q What is the best way to learn lines? Just been cast in A Chorus Line and can’t figure out the best way.
A Whatever helps you remember them!

Q Do you think if Dougal would have been able to take modern medicine to calm down, he would’ve been more like Colum?
A Nope.

Q Have you ever been to Vancouver, Canada?
A I lived there as a kid.

Q Thoughts?
A Looks a bit cramped in places.

Q Thank you for your efforts to raise awareness/support for Vets and their families! A cause dear to many. Do you have family in military?
A My father was in the RAF in WWII.

Q Sweet or savory? A kiss or a touch? Beach or mountains? Active holiday or rest holiday?
A Savory, kiss, mountains, active.

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