Outlander: Sam Chats with Fans For Getting 300K Followers!

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Sam Heughan promised his fans that he would do a Twitter Q&A when he hit 300,000 followers, and he made good today! He’s been seen in North Carolina recently, and said that he was waiting for his plane. So he took some time, and in his normally cheeky manner, answered lots of questions (and I’m sure made one follower faint!).

Q What’s on your Christmas list this year (from follower no. 900 or so!)
A Hey Angela! Had to start with you, first fan I ever met!! 300,000 later… mas?! Family. Loved ones and “absolutely” no skiing… ahem

Q (from Steven Cree) Hi Sam. I was two years above you at drama school. On a scale of 1-10, how much would you say I inspired you?
A Who?

Q Is Outlander going to be filming again until Christmas or are you all on hiatus till new year?
A Filming as we speak. We get two weeks off over xmas.

Q (from driver Davie Stewart) Will you be late?
A Never. (If you’re driving…!?)
A (Davie) Well, I’m driving, I’m never late.

Q First thing you did after you found out you got the part as Jamie Fraser?
A I went to the pub with my friends! Then… panic!

Q Do you have a special Scottish tradition for Christmas/New Year?
A Hogmanay. It’s Scottish New Year, arguably a larger “celebration” than Christmas. And a LOT of fun with many traditions.

Q Umbrella or hoodie when it’s rainy?
A Barbour 😉

Q Favorite TV show at the moment?
A Oh god oh god oh god!!!!! Westworld!!!!!!! Only 2 eps in… loved the original too.

Q Have you ever met @jenmorrisonlive?
A Yes! Hi Jen! (She won’t remember…)

Q Are you jealous the (World Child Cancer) group is climbing Kilimanjaro right now? Will you get to do it next year?
A Yes! So jealous. Booked to go but filming schedule changed. Sill planning. Good luck @WChildCancer Team! #BeatingCancer

Q Do you like wearing skirts?
A Careful…

Q Ideas for what we should name our first born?
A Something Scottish…

Q When is Print Shop happening and will you tweet us when it does?
A “Hsofgnfhuasosfxyanx”???

Q Blondes tan, red heads burn. What is naturally blonde Sam playing red headed (or is that heided??) Jamie going to do?
A Get baked… #Jamaica

Q Which person in the world wouldn’t you like to see naked?
A What are you wearing? 😉

Q How much would you charge to fart in a biscuit tin?
A Depends… plain or “digestive”?

Q When do you fly back home?
A Now.

Q (from MyPeakChallenge) How much longer can we torture the #Peakers before revealing the details of #MPC2017?
A Hmmmmm It’s a BIG reveal! But soon??sam-qa6

Q Favorite actor, the one you would like to be?
A Anthony Hopkins. Always admired.

Q Do you know it’s harder to get a reply from you than it is from @GaryBarlow and that’s saying something.
A He’s a gentleman. Hope he gave a good answer.

Q (from Duncan Lacroix) Who was more convincing in their performance of map reading during the potato scene at Lallybroch? Me or Steven Cree?
A One was “mashed”, the other was “chipped”…. #potatoHeads

Q Salt and vinegar or salt n sauce?
A Argh!!!! Tough!…. Ketchup?!?!?!?

Q Did you watch American football while you were here? Have you ever played  football?
A Became proud owner of a Seahawks shirt! Desperate to see them play live!

Q What’s your favorite Back to the Future movie?
A First!!! But second is a total work of art…

Q We all loved your Barbour video, any more for the holiday coming?
A How about the launch of my collection?! So excited…

Q What are you most excited about for MPC2017?
A It’s going to be even BIGGER!!! More challenging in every way and invite our participants to join me personally…!!
(editorial note: I suggest you find this tweet and read all the responses…)

Q Have you had to lose weight for the upcoming season and are you doing a lighter workout to show your time in hiding?
A Tried to. Read book 3. You see Jamie changes a lot.

Q Do you have an embarrassing photo on set to share with us? 😉

Q Do you drink chocolate milk after your workout or do you just have a protein shake?
A Both have protein… and carbs. Perfect.

Q At which conventions could we meet you in 2017?
A News coming soon… to make EVERYONE happy…

Q (from Steven Cree) Hi Sam. You may not remember me, we were at drama school together. A la Matrix, would you take the blue pill or the red pill?
A Hoping you take both… #NotSureItWillCure

Q Would you marry me?
A Sure.

Q Will you be including more of your own personal recipe favorites in MPC2017?
A YES!!! And MORE……!!

Q I’m falling asleep and you haven’t still noticed me yet.
A Sweet Dreams!

Q We know Jamie can’t sing, but can you?
A I have the same attributes as JAMMF…

Q Can I join My Peak Challenge if I live in Greece?
A EVERYONE can join!

Q I’m literally begging you to say a hi from Scotland for my grandpa who’s a Scottish man and hasn’t been there for 46 years.
A “Will ye no come baaaaack ahhh-gain..?!?”

Thank you all for following! #300K #askSam @season2InATentWithAFrenchDude

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