Skills Are Tested in Assassination Classroom Vol. 12

Assassination Classroom revolves around a group of students in class 3-E who are have the task of killing their teacher. There’s just one catch: their teacher is the alien Koro Sensei, who will destroy the Earth if the students fail to kill him before they graduate. Class is in session, and the syllabus involves learning how to become assassins good enough to destroy the alien that took out 70% of the moon. Assassination Classroom Vol. 12 introduces the Grim Reaper to the class, who is quite possibly the greatest assassin in the world. He has come to take out Koro Sensei and will do whatever it takes in order to do so. He has already taken out nearly every great assassin there is in order to ensure that he is the one who gets the price on Koro Sensei’s head.

Before he can take out Koro Sensei, he needs to focus on Irina first, so he uses the students of class 3-E in order to accomplish his goal. It’s Irina’s birthday, and she’s upset because Karasuma did not do anything special. The class wants to try to help Irina and Karasuma, so they purchase flowers and give them to Karasuma to give to Irina. Unfortunately, Karasuma’s focus on the objective is the only thing on his mind, so his gesture and words do not have the result the students expected. He upsets Irina, who runs off. Karasuma believes trivial things such as love should not be of anyone’s concern until the earth is safe.

Unfortunately, it turns out the Grim Reaper was posing as the flower vendor. He bugged the flowers the students gave to Irina.. He knew exactly when Irina would be alone and took advantage of that opportunity. If the students want to save Irina, they must meet the Grim Reaper at a designated area alone.

During the remainder of Assassination Classroom Vol. 12 the students try to use everything they have learned against their enemy. In addition, they use their new special uniforms to try to take him down. However, it turns out that he is too strong for them. It appears there is no way out.

Fortunately, Lovro alerts Karasuma of the Grim Reaper’s actions. He teams up with Koro Sensei in order to try to save Irina and the students from the Grim Reaper. What ensues throughout the rest of the volume is a lot of action. I am still shocked at the power Karasuma holds. Furthermore, there is a plot twist that I can’t say I didn’t already expect. However, there is no resolution for the battle. The Grim Reaper traps Koro Sensei with the students and leads Karasuma on a race to save them. Although it is essential to the Earth’s survival to destroy Koro Sensei, Karasuma will not risk the lives of the students. The end of the volume suggests there may be a way to defeat the Grim Reaper.

The Grim Reaper is a very interesting character. He’s dark, cold, and deadly. He almost seems impossible to defeat. His ability to trap Koro Sensei so easily is impressive. The artwork for The Grim Reaper is beautiful and interesting; I enjoyed the way the scythe was portrayed, and I loved the way his face changed throughout the volume. I look forward to seeing how the final battle plays out between the Grim Reaper and Karasuma.

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