Teen Wolf 6X05 Preview: Radio Silence

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Tomorrow night we will go into the storm and see the train station that is holding all the people the Ghost Riders have taken.  Guess who Stiles runs into? None other than the last remaining Hale on the MTV payroll – Peter.

The fifth episode of Teen Wolf season 6 “Radio Silence” is summed up like this: Trapped inside the Wild Hunt, Stiles reunites with an unexpected ally while Scott, Lydia and Malia discover Stiles’s Jeep may be connected to his disappearance.



So here, we learn that Peter has been gone since the lock-down at Eichen House which was three months ago.  Seeing that there is probably a lot of lock-downs at Eichen, we can assume that it’s probably the one where Lydia almost exploded the place and instead screamed into Parrish’s chest.  Since that was in the early weeks of senior year – plus Liam and Hailey talking about Christmas in past tense in the season 6 premiere – we can assume we’re in February/March at this point.

We also learn that Peter escaped from Eichen House during the lock-down…? Just how did he… wait, you know what, I’m sure the writers will explain it, right?

Yes, I made a Thumb Wars joke…

Yeah, that’s what I’m thinking too…

Anyway, the thing in this scene that bugs me is that Peter is normally a planner. A plotter. He has at least the next five steps in his path diagrammed along with contingency plans. Yet here he seems confused, almost withdrawn, and somewhat defeated in this preview.  Is that an effect of his time in the train station taking away his sense of self?  Is that why the people all around them just sit there and stare mindlessly in front of them? Something to think about.

Speaking of the train station…


So we see a few thing of the station here:

  • Running out a door is just going to have you run back into the station
  • The Riders come and go as they bring in their “game”
  • Even in their zombie state, people run from the Riders. This gives me hope that they aren’t completely gone in the head.
  • You get your erased memories back when you are taken. Case in point – Stiles remembers Peter who he would have forgotten about 3 months ago. Or at least that’s how this trailer is cut.


Poor Stiles seems to be stuck in the damsel in distress role, having to wait and hope for rescue.  I know from the season 6 trailer, we see him taking a more active role in his own rescue, but that will probably not be in this episode.



Back in Beacon Hills YAY! They found Roscoe!

Let’s be honest, I don’t know the order of these two videos, so here they both are.



So it seems Roscoe used to belong to Claudia? Or so the “are you really Claudia” thing says.  Though why Stiles would be driving a 1992 Jeep that needs to be held together with duct tape and he is way too emotionally attached to… if it was his mom’s, that would make sense.

I’m surprised the Sheriff isn’t more wigged out that his wife’s jeep of 18 years that was stolen – while he was probably a deputy – was never found and just happens to show up in town.  I mean he really never chased that down with everything he had available to him?  I wonder if “Claudia’s” presence in such close proximity has an effect on his believing Lydia.  He’s more open about it when she isn’t in the same room – like at Scott’s place or at the station.  It’ll be interesting to see what’s up with that – and if taking a sledgehammer to that wall will open up the train station to let everyone go (aim high or you’ll hit Stiles).

Once this Teen Wolf episode ends, we’ll be halfway through the first half of season 6A. Usually that means the action will start to pick up, and we will start heading to a few resolutions.  Hopefully we will be shown the path to getting Stiles back by the end of this episode so this isn’t dragged out all the way to the end of the half-season.

So what do you think of these peeks into tomorrow’s episode? Hit me up on Twitter at @aliskyrichards and on @ThreeIfBySpace as I live tweet the East Coast airing of Teen Wolf “Radio Silence”.  And as always, remember to subscribe to the site to keep up on all the latest Teen Wolf news as I hear about it.


Alison Sky Richards