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The Walking Dead Recap Ep7 and Preview Mid Season Finale

Wow! I really cant believe that the mid season finale is already here! Last week’s Ep 7, ‘Sing Me a Song’, was an epic episode. At 90 minutes, we were thrilled and horrified, all at the same time. We saw how truly bizarre and evil Negan really is. His brutally bullying of Carl and Olivia, by using his psychotic ways, was just terrible to watch. It made me cringe, that someone could be that evil. The episode really was torture to watch at times. And the fact that after capturing Carl, walking him around the Sanctuary, giving him the ‘grand tour’, he made him take off the eye bandage to bully him some more. This Negan guy wants to break everyone. There is no sense to it really. The guy is so damn creepy. When he made Carl sing, I got the most horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach. Is there no shame or no remorse for Negan’s actions? I think not. That is one reason why he will be the most bad ass, big bad, in The Walking Dead to date.  The fact that he apologizes to both Olivia and Carl, after terrorizing them, means nothing to me. It looks as though he may have a soft spot in there somewhere, but I don’t believe it!

One of the worst parts of ‘Sing Me A Song’, is when Negan discovers Judith. That had to be the scariest part for me personally. He showed great attention to he,r and seemed to be really gentle and kind, but the though of him with her was just bizarre. Maybe he has a soft spot for babies and little children after all. I still don’t buy it though.

So what do you think of the season so far? I think it has gone extremely well in character development and storyline. Many fans don’t agree, but there are always naysayers.

Episode 8, is the mid season finale, please don’t miss it. Again we will have a 90 minute episode, and it will go fast

I can’t stress this enough. It will be brutal and scary, and will show us the early beginnings of the war to come. You will see some very important decisions made, and some great reunions. You may see some new people. You will see death. That is a given.

Talked about Scene in Ep 7

Carl Sings a Song

Previews of Ep 8 Mid Season Finale

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