The Walking Dead Review S7Ep6 ‘Swear’

I can’t believe that we are already 6 episodes in! This season of Walking Dead is really going fast. Swear, was a Tara based episode, and one that I thought was needed. The writers are really focusing on character and plot development this season. I think it’s a good thing, but many other fans are really hating it. I belong to many, many Walking Dead groups, and there is no lack of whining and crabbing, about the direction that this season has taken. With the ultra-violent first episode, it has been quiet and reassuring during these past 4 episodes. I can see where they are going with it, as many fanatics can, but why do we have to have so many complainers?

This episode was a Tara adventure all the way, I was so happy to see her again after her absence. We know that she and Heath had headed out to scavenge. Little did they know, all of the crap that went down shortly after they left. Denise was killed. That surely will break Tara’s heart. Abe and Glenn were killed, another blow taken.

We found her washed up on the beach, and it didn’t take long to find out why. Found by 2 members of a newfound community, Oceanside, she was left with food and water. When she woke up, it was hard to keep her from following them to their camp. What she saw were woman and children, no men. It appears to be a thriving community. What she finds later, is that all the men were killed by the Saviors as a lesson. Those Sviors sure do love teaching things to other groups, don’t they?



Through a series of flashbacks and flash forwards, we find out about what happened with Heath. In one, it appears that Heath just wants to give up. There is nothing out there to find and he is done. When they come upon and huge obstacle, dump trucks and a sand pile, they find out real fast why the sand was piled up. it was full of dried out walkers!. They are over running heath and Tara. They are separated, and struggling. Heath is surrounded and Tara get pushed off the bridge she is on, into the water below. She doesn’t see what happens to Heath, and neither do we. When she wakes up, she is on the beach.


Of course there are a couple of the women who don’t trust her and want her gone. Anyone would in that scenario. They are careful, who they let in or trust. The little girl Rachel, is a little soon to be bad ass. She wanted to kill Tara right off, but Cyndie talked her out of it. Thanks goodness. The other 2 women took her out in the woods and meant to kill her, but thankfully Cyndie saved the day yet again. I am anxious to see where this other group takes us. Will they be a part of the all out war?


The entire episode was good in my opinion. It ran an extra 11 minutes, and we did get to see Tara arrive at Alexandria. The woman made her promise not to tell the whereabouts of the community, and like the good person she is, Tara never mentioned it to anyone at home. It’s too bad she had such bad news to great her. I am also anxious to find out what they did with heath. Will we see him again? I think that his days are numbered on the show. I have heard rumor that he will be seen again at the end of the season in episode 16. we will see.

I give the episode a rating of 9. It wasn’t perfect, but had alot going on. We got to see a bit of backstory to Tara and Heath’s scavenging adventure. There are many people that are complaining that the series is in a slump and going to slow. Some even call it boring. I for one, don’t agree. It is moving towards a new world. We will see bad, before it gets good.There are many communities and new people coming in. I am excited about the direction. Boohoo to the haters! See you all next week!

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