Gotham’s Top 5 Best Moments

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TONIGHT! Gotham returns and Jerome is back! Watch the preview below:



In light of this joyous occasion I’m going to recap the Top 5 moments of Gotham Season 3 so far!

Number 5: Fish returns

GOTHAM: Guest star Jada Pinkett Smith ©2016 Fox

After a crazy first season with Fish Mooney, season two lacked her electric personality.  It was awesome they brought her back, even if it only was for a short while.  Fish’s return brought a lot of stress to Penguin’s already rough going.  In the end, however, it worked out because  I feel like her return motivated him more than he realized.


Number 4: “make gotham safe again”

GOTHAM: Robin Lord Taylor and Cory Michael Smith. @2016 Fox

No matter your political leanings, you have to admit that Penguin running for office using this slogan was pretty fantastic. A known criminal gone straight (or so Gotham think’s) he pledges to make Gotham safe as it once was.  Throughout the entire campaign Penguin was running on corruption and bribery, but once Nygma joined in things got a little interesting.  The campaign brought to light Butch’s attempt to kill Penguin and a depressing love story only Penguin could be a part of.  Penguin ended up winning the spot of Mayor and thus far he hasn’t really done that much with it. I have a feeling that will change the next half of this season.

Number 3: court of owls

GOTHAM: David Mazouz ©2016 Fox

Yes, the Court Of Owls being a part of this season was so excited.  The underground society of Gotham brought all new demons and evils to the city.  Bruce Wayne became more and more like Batman this season because of them.  He does detective work, goes up against demons, and finally accepts his love for Selina.  The Court of Owls also help take the mystery deeper and deeper into the underbelly of Gotham.

number 2: tetch

GOTHAM: Benedict Samuel ©2016 Fox

One of Gotham’s best villains to date, Mad Hatter really messed things up for everyone.  His method’s have tortured Gordon and the city went into a state of madness when he hypnotized citizens. Not to mention his sister and her blood! Alice Tetch’s blood made a monster of Barnes and made one of Lee’s fiance Mario.  I’m interested to see what’s going to happen to Barnes in Arkham!

number 1: jim gordon pick your poison

GOTHAM: Ben McKenzie @2016 Fox

This season Gordon attempted to move on from Lee Tompkins with a reporter Valerie Vale.  They hit it off well and Jim seemed to be fine, until Lee came back to Gotham.  With all of the insanity that moves with Tetch he brought a whirlwind to Jim’s already rough life.  Tetch, being the instigator he is, kidnapped Lee Tompkins and Valerie Vale and created a “Mad Tea Party”. Tetch made Jim decide which to save and this ended with him picking Lee as the one he truly loved.  This, of course, comes as no surprise to any of us, but Valerie Vale didn’t take it too well.

The mid-season finale ends in an explosive moment between Lee and Jim,  where Jim finally says everything he’s needed to tell her since the moment she left the city.  Jim killing Mario is nothing to bat an eye at and I have no idea what’s going to happen next!


Stay tuned to Fox tonight for Gotham! Don’t forget to stay here for news, reviews, and more!

What are your choices for Gotham’s top 5 best moments? Let us know in the comments!


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