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Teen Wolf 6×09 Review: Memory Found

By: Alison Sky Richards
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The theme of the importance of memories this season of Teen Wolf came to a head in “Memory Found”. Scott, Malia, and Lydia force themselves to remember Stiles in order to open a rift similar to the one that Sheriff Stilinski did in “Blitzkrieg”. To do this, they go to use the Argent hellhound freezer to freeze themselves to the point where their mind can open to be guided. We saw Deaton do this to Scott, Allison, and Stiles back in season 3A when they were trying to find the nemeton. I guess they were a bit short on ice this time.

Meanwhile, Theo and Liam are working to distract the Riders by being bait and running around the hospital. The only thing that really comes out of this side of the episode is at the end when they are about to be overtaken that Theo pushes Liam to safety and, it’s assumed he sacrifices himself to the Riders so that Liam can get back to Scott.

I can’t wait for Stiles reaction when he sees Theo appear in the train station.

Anyway, we get to watch a parade of memories from all three of the pack as they focus on remembering everything about Stiles. Scott goes first, and we get flashes of little things including Stiles’ anger at Scott back in season 1 when he kissed Lydia, or Scott offering to save Stiles when he was afraid he had frontotemporal dementia. The biggest memory of all, however, was when Stiles saved Scott from setting himself ablaze in “Motel California”.

Changing to Malia, one of her strongest memories of him was, of course, her punching him in the face back in “Eichen House”. Scott pulled her out of the freezer though as Malia kept searching for memories and going beyond the safe point for her to be frozen.

Lydia, not having the healing factor that the others have, needs to be hypnotized instead. Her memories, as they play out, pretty much are the greatest hits of the #Stydia relationship starting from Stiles getting Lydia to dance with him in season 1; then to their first kiss when she broke him out of the panic attack in season 3A; and finally to her remembering the last moments together before the Riders took him.

Her memories spark the rift, leading us to see a shape in the brightness that could be Stiles on the other side… or it could be Liam having opened a door and there’s light behind him? Who knows. But from the 6×10 sneak peek below, it’s safe to say that it’s Stiles in the big bright light, and he knows that they are on the other side.


Good thing he’s not a little girl named Carol Anne. GO INTO THE LIGHT STILES!!!!

Do I find it kind of cheesy that it’s the power of #Stydia that opens the rift over the power of Scott and Stiles broship? Yes. Realistically, Lydia has only had a friendship with Stiles for all of two years in their life, compared to Scott and Stiles having around fifteen years of friendship. Love is a powerful tool, but it’s going to take a lot to convince me that Lydia’s sudden realization of loving Stiles is more powerful that the brotherhood love Scott has.

But in the end, it really is the combination of all three of their released memories that opens the rift. Now we just have to hope that when Stiles makes his way through it that their combined love of their pack human will protect him from the whole burning and not-existing cloud aftereffects.

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