Teen Wolf 6x09 Behind the Scenes shot.  via Twitter @MTVTeenWolf

Teen Wolf 6×09 Preview: Memory Found

By: Alison Sky Richards
MTV teen wolf

While Liam and Theo act as decoys, Scott, Lydia and Malia enact a desperate plan to try and remember Stiles during this week’s episode of Teen Wolf. MTV has released two sneak peek clips ahead of Tuesday’s episode 6×09 “Memory Found”.

Freeze for a Memory


It looks like we’re going to be reinventing the Teen Wolf 3A ice bath as a way to send them back to get their memories.  At least they aren’t making a sacrifice to the nemeton because Mr. Douglas doesn’t need an energy boost.  Though I’m still wanting to know why Scott hasn’t dug his claws into any of their necks yet.  After all, he did to the kid in the season 6 premiere to be able to get the memory of what happened to the kid’s parents.

It’s just lucky that the Argents happen to have a cryogenic coffin hanging out in their storage tunnel number 87, right?  You know, for cooling down hellhounds and memory resurrections.  I’m betting Gerard bought it so that he could cryogenically freeze himself so that he could live until there is a cure for cancer…

But seriously, where do you even get one of those? Probably ebay, since Amazon doesn’t actually have anything matching my “Cryogenic Coffin” search.  They DO sell coffins though (but they are not Prime Eligible, sorry).

The things I learn doing research…

Liam’s Threatening Message to Theo


Liam planning on using Theo as bait is probably the best idea the baby beta has had all season.  I’m sorry, I like Cody Christian, but I’m pretty much still done with this Theo side plot and the writers trying to make us sympathetic to him.  He spent a season willingly aiding the Dread Doctors, killed Scott, shot Malia, broke Lydia, manipulated Liam, blackmailed Stiles and sent Donovan to kill him… the list of his sins goes on that would probably rival Kate Argent.  Because of that, I can’t really be bothered to care about this part of the story – not that there is any substance in this sneak peek already.

I just want my thunder kitsune, damnit.

From the looks of it, the Riders are circling their horses to capture the remaining residents of Beacon Hills. Is this their doing, or has Mr. Douglas taken control of them now?  Will the cryo freeze help the trio regain their memories of Stiles? And if they are able to make the new rift – will they be in time before Stiles turns into a Rider himself?

Tune in tomorrow for Teen Wolf “Memory Found” at 9pm/8pmCST.  I will be live-tweeting during the episode over at @aliskyrichards and @threeifbyspace, so join in on the conversation!  Also remember that the contest to win a walk-on role on Teen Wolf ends tomorrow when “Memory Found” airs on the East Coast.  Good luck and see you tomorrow!

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