Voltron Paladins

Voltron Season 2 Delivers On Its Promises With An Extra Dose of Feels

Voltron Season 3: So what’s next?

There is no lack of plot for the writers to work with in creating season 3.  The main question is going to be in just how long we have to wait to see it.  Seeing that season 1 was released in June 2016, and season 2 in January 2017 – if the same season turnaround sticks we won’t be seeing season 3 until August/September 2017 at the earliest.

Zarkon has been defeated and the Paladins are going to be struggling with the loss of their leader.  Pidge has a lead on her brother Matt – knowing he is alive and with some anti-Zarkon rebels.  Keith will have to make a choice in looking for more answers about his family, or taking the lead of Voltron.  Allura will need to give herself a new purpose now that they believe Zarkon is defeated.  Beyond the fallout from Shiro’s disappearance, there is one thing we already know is coming next season:

“Summon Prince Lotor.”

Season 3 will bring us Legendary Defender’s interpretation of Prince Lotor, and yes, I am stupidly excited for this!  I want to see how Lotor is going to run the Galra empire now that Zarkon is in the coma.  Adding Allura’s hatred of all most things Galra – will the writers bring in the DOTU plot point of Lotor’s obsession with claiming Allura as his own? Or will we get a reimagined Lotor who’s storyline will keep us guessing just like Keith’s does?  Either way, I’m here and ready for more.

Is it August yet?

How did you enjoy the new season of Voltron: Legendary Defender?  What didn’t you like? Are you in denial about Shiro’s disappearance?  Hit me up here or on twitter at @aliskyrichards or @ThreeIfBySpace for discussion on everything Voltron, and subscribe to our website to keep up on all the latest Voltron season 3 news as it starts to trickle out.  Bonus points for links to good Keith/Allura fanfic!

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