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Help Bring the 12 Monkeys Writers to DragonCon

By: Paul and Caroline Daley
12 monkeys DragonCon writers

Whether you’re a monkey, hyena, or any other kind of time travel enthusiast, we the fans need YOUR help to get 12 Monkeys writers to DragonCon! They would love to host a panel filled with the talented people from the 12 Monkeys Writers Room and we need some support to make it happen.

You: “How can I help?”

Me: I’m glad you asked. We need a groundswell of fans reaching out through the power of social media to let the 12 Monkeys writers know we love them and want to see them in person at DragonCon this year.

You: “What -exactly- are we asking of these people?”

Me: We need them to feel so much love that they go to this link: http://application.dragoncon.org/app_guest.php and sign up to be a guest.

You: “How do we show them the love?”

Me: Use the hashtag #12MonkeysDragonCon and tweet like you’ve never tweeted before. Tweet to your mom, your friends, heck even direct a few tweets to @DragonCon to let them know you’re on board. Once you’ve done that, go ahead and tweet to the writers themselves to let them know how much you think this is a great idea.

You: “But, I have no idea what their Twitter handles are.”

Me: I wouldn’t ask you to move a mountain with giving you the tools, would I? Here is a list of all the people credited as writers for 12 Monkeys and their twitter handles (if they have one). If you happen to find a handle or other social media connection I missed, add it in the comments area. Here we go:

12 Monkeys Twitter handles:

Travis Fickett – @traviswf
Terry Matalas – @TerryMatalas
David Webb Peoples
Janet Peoples
Sean Tretta – @Sean_Tretta
Richard Robbins – @richarderobbins
Matt Morgan – @MCharlesMorgan
Ian Sobel – @IBSobel
Christopher Monfette – @cwmonfette
Oliver Grigsby – @OliverGrigsby
Natalie Chaidez – @armedkandy
Rebecca Kirsch – @BeckyKirsch
Chris Marker
Kristen Reidel – @kristenreidel
Michael Sussman – @_MichaelSussman
Charles Roven
Richard Suckle
David Grossman

So there you have it; what we need you to do and how to do it! Get out there, flood the internets with mentions of #12MonkeysDragonCon. With your help, we’ll get our 12 Monkeys writers panel at this year’s DragonCon!

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