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Review Garo: Crimson Moon Season 2 Part 1

By: Robert Prentice
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Garo Crimson Moon is set in Japan during the Heian period, and features fictionalized versions of many Japanese historical figures. This time, Garo is a young Japanese man named Raikou who cannot properly summon the Garo armor himself, and instead relies on his companion, a female Makai Alchemist named Seimei, whose Makai magic allows him to become Garo to fight the Horrors infesting Heian-kyō.

They are accompanied by a young boy named Kintoki who wishes to follow in Raikou’s footsteps. Their journey pits them against the evil Ashiya Douman, a fallen Makai Alchemist who summons Horrors to do his bidding. They are later accompanied in their fight by Fujiwara no Yasusuke, who becomes the bearer of the armor of Zanga the Silver Knight.

Garo Crimson Moon

Unlike the first series which took place in the middle ages around the time of the Spanish Inquisition. Crimson Moon takes place during Japan’s Heian period. The basic idea of the armor remains the same in the second series. Raikou with whom the armor is called cannot control it or the Mado ring properly. However, the first half of this series lacks any major overarching story plot. We do get some small hints at a larger story in the background. However, the series is played out mostly as an episodic tale of creating and killing a horror within each episode.

Ashiya Douman continues to manipulate horrors behind the scenes in an effort to destroy the capital. Before the end of the first half of the season, Raikou’s past is revealed. Much to Seimei’s disappointment, he already knew about his past. Kintoki’s past is still interesting as we get a hint that he may be much older then he is letting on.

Still if you enjoyed the first season, and the mythology of the Makai knights and Garo, you will still enjoy Garo Crimson Moon. The trio of Seimei, Raikou and Kintoki is great. They play off each other very well and draw a lot of parallels to the characters of the first season. Seimei reminds me of  German Luis, Leon’s father. Even the silver armor makes an appearance.

As always the english casting was well done from Funimation. Clifford Chapin as Raikou and Monica Rial as Seimei. Having many of the voice cast from season 1 return to voice different characters was a fun treat, especially Ricco Fajardo as Yasasuke and Justin Briner as Yorinobu.

Episode 12 ends with a cliffhanger that could see the end of the partnership. This very much mirrors season 1 in a lot of ways which makes the lack of a serious over-arching story plot tolerable. Things seem to be picking up as we get towards the mid-way point. I am looking forward to seeing Raikou go out on his own and break out his armor and full strength.

A sequel series, or season 3, is in the works through no information on whether it will be another independent story or if it will follow one of the first two seasons has been released. A sequel film to the first series, titled Garo: Divine Flame has already been released and should see US release by Funimation soon.

You can pickup Season 2 Part 1 of Garo Crimson Moon over at or

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