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Stranger Things Season 2

Stranger Things Season 2 Super Bowl Trailer

By: Paul and Caroline Daley
Netflix stanger things Super Bowl super bowl ads

Here we go, Stranger Things fans! The Super Bowl ad gave us some tasty bits and a -general- timeframe for when we will get to binge the second season. Stranger Things Season 2 looks like they are going to go large. Very large! What the heck is that lanky silhouette dominating the sky in that last shot?!? One shot included 11, but I wouldn’t expect Netflix or the Duffers to want to give away any specific aspect of her reveal. Not this early. Also, it looks like some of our stars may have hit a growth/lengthening spurt. Everyone is looking longer and leaner.

Another, one of these, say around Fathers Day, will keep fans like me salivating for more. That big lanky thing reminded me of the monsters in the movie Of he same name. In that case, the monsters were aliens. Is that what we’re dealing with? Doubt it. Straight up, upside down boss nightmares is my bet.

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