The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-Chan: First Impressions

Episode One and Two

The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-Chan caught my eye, mainly based on the title alone.  It has a sense of mystery to it so I decided to take it on for review.  The beginning is a bit confusing, but Nagato is really cute.  She has a shy quirkiness to her that is appealing, especially when it comes to how she acts around Kyon. Kyon’s the love interest but also seems like a best friend figure.  He lets Nagato be awkward around him and still likes her, which is also really cute.  Asakura is another character in the show, she’s like the bossy older sister best friend  They’re planning a Christmas party for Nagato’s literary club.

When shopping for a turkey they run into a girl that Kyon joined a “fan-club” for, Mikuru.  Mikuru and Nagato seem similar in the fact that they don’t want to cause any problems. Whereas Asakura and Tsuruya are the bossy ones who push Mikuru and Nagato into a one-up challenge to get Kyon’s attention.  The plan for the Christmas party goes nicely, but the attempt to catch Kyon’s eye backfires.  The girls dress in Santa costumes and before Nagato can talk to Kyon, Mikuru’s gifts catch his attention.  They have a great time, but at the end Nagato says something weird when she leaves the party.  She says “I wonder if I’ll ever see her again.”  What does that mean? She flashes back to what brought her to this moment and remembers recruiting Asakura and Kyon.  Back in the real world Kyon surprises Nagato with a Christmas gift and they end up snuggling to keep warm. It’s just so cute!

Courtesy of Funimation

First Impressions

Overall, my first impressions of this show are that I am thoroughly enjoying it.  I haven’t ever seen any of the Haruhi franchise so it’s hard to know how it compares, but that also doesn’t matter all that much to me!   It’s a really cute show and it’s compelling enough that I want to keep watching it! I like the dubbing, the animation, and the story.  Each character has their obvious purpose in the story and they all work very well together.  It’s a well done anime thus far, I’m excited to see how the rest goes!


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