The Magicians: Episode 203 “Divine Elimination” Review

Divine Elimination is the title of the third episode of The Magicians, and some serious dark magic was going on. Dark magic that I’m positive Lord Voldemort himself would have been proud of, and extremely jealous that he did not come up with it himself.

I am sure you all remember the Martin cast a spell that kept any children of earth from presiding as Kings and Queens of Fillory. He was simply mad because Ember kept him from being the High King of Fillory, and if he could not rule, then nobody will rule. It seems that the spell caused the Kings and Queens to be suspicious of one another, and death was the only option. In my last post, I stated that I did not think those cacodemons would turn out very well.


No one could pay me enough to sit on those thrones, though it was a brilliant way for no one to be able to rule over Fillory. I watched this episode several times, and each time I said, “No, don’t sit on those thrones, they have some serious bad juju attached to them.” After our Kings and Queens sit on the thrones of doom, an immediate change is noticed, and they are at each other’s throats, and looking for ways to kill each other. Leave it to Martin to make sure the curse has to play itself out, until all the children of earth are dead.

Lucky for our favorite Kings and Queens, that while Penny may not have the full function of his hands, his brain is in fine working order. I love that he was the hero of the day, and that despite his acting as if he does not care about what happens to them, he is there to help them. Of course, he knows that they would do the same for him, so it all works out well.  Margo releases her inner demon in order to kill Quentin, and Penny released his, and the two canceled each other out. It really was a thing of beauty, and was shot beautifully. Alice had already released hers, because she thought it was barbaric. I wonder what havoc it is out in the world causing, or if it simply dissolved over time!

I laughed my ass off when Penny hit Margo square in her caboose with the arrow, I think he was channeling his inner Daryl there! The idea of stopping their hearts, and then bringing them back with a shot of adrenaline was brilliant, but it didn’t go off without a hitch, as Penny’s hands chose that moment to go spastic. We really need to find a permanent fix for his major problem.


While Penny was trying to save the lives of his friends, and himself, Julia was having so much fun with Martin Chatwin. They set their trap for Reynard, using poor Marina as bait, and it was all going according to plan, but she hesitated long enough for Penny to come and snatch Martin away. I was literally yelling at my television, “Julia, just do it already”. I mean, really that hesitation ending up causing her to lose the dagger, and getting Marina killed. Of course, Penny and the others had a hand in that as well, but she cannot say they did not warn her.


I loved the showdown they had with the Beast, and I thought they were really going to win. I should have known better seeing as it is only the third episode, and beating someone as powerful as the Beast will not be that easy. I have to hand it to Alice, because despite niffing out (on purpose) she is pretty damn badass. She just might be the strongest of them all, even without Godlike power. Alice managed to hurt Martin pretty well, but he still managed to get away, to the wellspring to heal himself. I laughed my ass off (again) when Ember literally took a dump in the wellspring, making its healing capabilities null and void. Whatever will the Beast do now?

THE MAGICIANS — “Divine Elimination” Episode 203 — Pictured: (l-r) Jason Ralph as Quentin, Stella Maeve as Julia, Arjun Gupta as Penny, Charles Mesure as The Beast — (Photo by: Carole Segal/Syfy)

Poor Quentin had to release his cacodemon in order to stop Alice from killing them all. I loved the Harry Potter reference spoken by Eliot during this time. In the end, the best laid plans failed to work, because the Beast and Reynard are still in power positions, Marina is dead, and now everyone has to regroup and start over. Until next week, my fellow Magicians fans!



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