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The Walking Dead Returns-Preview Ep 709 -Rise Up!

Are you ready? In 3 days we will be welcomed back into the world of The Walking Dead. Rise up and be counted! This Sunday February 12th, The Walking Dead returns for the second half of season 7, with episode 709. I am excited! As you should be. Our group is together again and ready to show this world that they can and will, survive!

The first half of the season 7 was traumatizing to say the least, with the brutal deaths of Abe and Glenn. The depressing, almost darkened downturn of our group, was almost too much to bear. But with the return of the series this Sunday, we will begin to see our favorite group, rise up to the new challenges that face them. Rick, whose life was turned upside down by the loss of his friends, will again become the bad ass that we know and have come to love. Andrew Lincoln told EW this, “You’re going to see a much lighter Rick because the thrill of the fight is on and I think that there’s a freedom that you’re going to see within him and maybe more of a political side to his nature.” His leadership will again be on the rise, as he decides that Negan must be stopped at all costs. The group will rally and look for communities to join in the fight against the horrific dictatorship of Negan and his Saviors.

rise up

Being introduced to King Ezekiel and the Kingdom community, might be just what our group needs to help in the ‘all out war’ that is on the horizon. If Rick and company can get them to engage in the battle, we may have a chance. But will Ezekiel risk the people of the Kingdom to fight?

Gregory, the so-called leader of Hilltop, will also be approached to help aid in the battle. But will he agree, or cave in to his cowardly persona? Will we see his downfall of leadership this season? I think we will. He is too much of a clown to lead this community. We should hopefully bear witness to the rise of Maggie Rhee, as leader of Hilltop, as in the comic storyline. This will be a welcome change, and I am really excited to see the transformation of Maggie.

rise up

With the advent of a new community, the’ Garbage Pail Kids’, (a name given to them by the spoiler community), we may see a friend or foe, battle from within. Will they come to be friendly and helpful in the fight against Negan? I think that there will be betrayal of some sort from this group. Whether we will see who the mysterious, spying, ‘boots’ person is, remains to be seen. I am sure it is a woman. And I can confidently say, that she is from the ‘GPK’ group.

I hope you are as stoked about this second half as I am, as we will again turn a corner in the daily struggles of our beloved characters. Here are some previews of upcoming episodes.

Tune in to AMC Sunday February 12th

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