Helping the helpless Angel season 11

Angel season 11 #3 Called to combat

Angel season 11 pt3 coverAngel, Illyria and Fred are time AND dimension travelling in order to change some
things for the better. This review contains some spoilers.
Writer: Corinna Bechko
Artist: Geraldo Borges
Colorist:Michelle Madsen
Cover Artist: Scott Fischer

What has happened to Angel so far…

We are 3 issues in to the new season of Angel. Let me give you a quick recap. On a haunting job in Ireland Fred and Angel find themselves thrown back in time. At first they think it has to do with Angels past, but after realizing that they are no longer on the emerald island but in a different dimension all together, they suspect it has got more to do with the old blue one.

After talking to Illyria (who is sharing Fred’s body) they figure out that they are in Illyrias old world, and that the old blue one wants to change some things that she did really wrong back in the day.

Illyria isn’t exactly forthcoming with what went wrong, but eventually Angel and Fred figures out that she battled another demon and led her loyal followers into a fight they could not win. So in order to change the outcome the trio need to stop Illyria’s followers from running into certain doom. This proves very difficult as her followers are rather gung ho and when they do try to talk to them. The then Illyria in her original form shows up and isn’t happy about the situation. So it gets complicated. Now-Illyria and then-Illyria and the other demon battle each other. But the now-Illyria in her current rater human form is rather out of her depth.

Angel starts chatting with some demons, trying to convince them not to fight when they inform him that they are pacifists and that they had conjured up the giant demon fiend that the Illyrias are now battling in order to get rid of then Illyria, but now they realise that their world would have been better off with the devil you know, rather than this hungry gobbling up demons creature.

How is this season holding up then?

It is a bit early days to guess how this will pan out. I am enjoying the story, but it is very different from the Angel and Faith story from the previous season. At the moment it feels very much like a standalone kind of adventure. I am also not sure on
how it will play in with Angel’s past that the first issue heavily hinted at. I guess we just got to hold on and see!

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