Assassination Classroom Season 2 Part 1 Review

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It’s time for second term, and the assassination classroom is ready for a semester filled with intense training, studying, and new ways to kill their teacher. But things aren’t all that they seem and this new semester is proving to hold more secrets than answers. And the biggest question they have to face: do they save the world or save the world’s greatest teacher?

Class 3-E returns for second term as they continue to come up with ways to kill Koro Sensei. After a few wrap up episodes to finish off the island arc from season 1, we are thrown into an entirely new villain arc as another being with tentacles appears. Itona is back and his attack fails again. All but thrown out by his would be benefactors, Koro Sensei and E Class protect him and bring him back from the brink of self-destruction. He then joins E Class.

The students try a few more creative methods of assassination but find that none of them bear any fruit. The reaper appears and makes his move on the students, kidnapping them in an effort to go after Koro Sensei. Karasuma determines they must modify the bounty requirements to protect the children. Else they will become collateral damage in the hunt to assassinate Koro Sensei.

We also learn more about Nagisa’s family life and the difficulties faced by his mothers over bearing tendencies. Learning that she wanted a girl all along does help explain the long hair and girlish looks. However, that doesn’t stop Karma from having a bit of fun with it during the school festival. The final act of the first half of season 2 focused on the end of term exams. The principle had one method of teaching and preparing his students, while E-Class had their own methods. Each are put to the test in a battle of wits and strength, but just who ends up ahead?

As we approach the final 13 episodes of the series, season 2 part 1 of Assassination classroom was a ramp up series of episodes. No major story arc movement like in season 1 but a lot of prep work for everything that is to be revealed in the final 13 episodes. That doesn’t make these episodes any less fun to watch.

You get a bit more background on several characters and a lot of competition. I do miss having a villain which spans a larger chunk of the story. However, if you pay close attention to the small details, you will see setups for the second half. Assassination Classroom tends to jump between serious, comedy and feel good antics throughout. It is part of the series charm. It also has a few life lessons built-in as well.

We give Season 2 Part 1 3.5/5.

If you haven’t already, picked you copy over at today and get ready for the final half of season 2 coming soon.

Robert Prentice