Dark Matter Digest S3, Mar 26

Dark Matter Digest S3, Mar 26: Of Pods and Pugs

By: Tom Gardiner
Dark Matter digest news season 3

Dark Matter is mostly done with principal photography for season 3 and my big, lazy butt is finally moving.  I’ve clawed my way out of a deep hole in the sofa, brushed off the Cheetos dust from my clothes, and even put on a celebratory pair of pants.  This Herculean effort, most especially the pants part, is because I love the show and its fans enough to fully clothe myself. People that know me will truly appreciate that last bit.

Now, just a little primer/refresher since it’s been a while.

In case you weren’t aware, Joe Mallozzi blogs every damned day and has done so for over 10 years without missing a single day. Every post filled with tidbits from Dark Matter like you’ll get from no other production ever. And a bonus is a peek inside Joe’s life as well.

Reading Joe’s blog has many advantages, some obvious and some surprising.  Clearly, you’re expecting information about Dark Matter, and your expectations will be surpassed. Since it’s a personal blog, you’re going to learn about Joe’s life both at work and at play. Although he doesn’t seem to get much downtime, but he certainly seems to love his work, which is a rare blessing. Those are the obvious bits.

Dark Matter Digest S3, Mar 26

No expense was spared in this production!

Some of the things you might be surprised to know are readers get to interact and make decisions about the show, like when we vote on episode titles.  We get chances to ask questions of Joe, various cast members, and the people behind the camera who put the F in FTL, the Blink in the Blink Drive, and just plain create an entire universe just for us.

We also see fun outings with Joe, his girlfriend, Akemi, and their band of pugs. You’ll be tempted by the amazing food these merry travelers enjoy, and they really do appreciate all manner of good food.  You’ll get to know Akemi and the dogs so well it’ll feel like you’ve actually met everyone.

In short, it’s like you’re lurking in their lives, but, you know, in a totally non-creepy way.

Enough chewing the fat. It’s time to start digest-ing!

Dark Matter Digest S3, Mar 26

If the name Janah-12 sounds familiar, your memory still works.


Remember how I just said readers get to do cool stuff like ask questions?  Well, in your face because today Joe answered his mailbag of reader questions! Find out the answers to mysteries like how he manages to get so much done in a single day when it takes me a week to bring out the recycling.  You’ll even learn who his best friend was in high school.  Hint: If you’re a fan of The Expanse and a certain smooth-talking, lasagna loving Martian pilot then you’re getting warm.


Check out today’s entry to see Jodelle with a new look. I’m thinking we’re seeing an AltFive, but who knows?  There’s a secret lab and a mystery item inside an odd storage unit.  Here’s a picture of the secret lab! Damn, I suck at secrets.

Dark Matter Digest S3, Mar 26

Is that a dentist’s chair in the back? Maybe I’ll come back later.


We return to a familiar locale known as Janah-12 which, if you recall, is the station where Android met Victor. No, not the Victor who’s obsessed with corpses and lightning. The Victor who gave her the human-style upgrade chip/drive/dongle/thingy. There are pictures of on-set shenanigans, which are frequent and wonderful.


Oh man, today’s entry starts with a look at a “pod room”. I don’t know why, but the shape of these pods reminds me of giant slippers.  There’s also a gritty-looking sign warning of hovercraft forklifts.  I wonder if they’re full of eels? Keep scrolling to see director Bruce McDonald showing off his edgy side, a new entry in the Dark Matter Whisky Club, and more.

Dark Matter Digest S3, Mar 26

Pod room or slipper store for giants? I smell footwear!


Did you know today was election day? Regular readers and people who follow Joe on Twitter did! We got to vote on the title for episode 308. If you’re reading this and haven’t voted, it’s too late. The polls are closed. Election results will be in soon. Oh yeah, there’s more whisky, which is fine by me.


The results are in. We have a new Pope episode title! I would tell you which one was the winner, but that would rob you of the pleasure of clicking on the link. Besides learning the winning title, there’s tons of BTS pictures generously provided by second unit director Gregor Hagey. Here’s one just to make you antsy for more. I’m mean like that. Recognize the design of that bridge or the logo over the door? I bet you do. (Hint: It rhymes with “Zairon”)

Dark Matter Digest S3, Mar 26

A familiar looking bridge.


Today, it’s all (okay, mostly) about Joe and Akemi’s funny, furry friends.  With the recent passing of Bubba, after whom Three’s oversized gun was named, some of the pups are feeling a bit lost. But there’s also a bit of good news with the announcement that season 2 will be out on DVD & Bluray July 13, 2017!

And that’s about it for this week. If you’re looking for more, click on any of the day’s links and be sure to visit Joe’s blog every day or you’ll miss something. And no good Dark Matter fan wants to miss anything about their favorite show.

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