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The Leftovers Season 3 Kevin Garvey (Justin Theroux). Image by HBO. Copyright 2017.

The Leftovers Season 3 Final Trailer

Holy. Moley. I know trailers are designed to tantalize, but I am -tingling- after watching that trailer. The Leftovers Season 3 trailer is ready for you and it doesn’t disappoint.

What Did I Get Out of it?


I think the “bleak” of season one may be back. A lot of what the voices talk about relates to some overwhelming sense that the 7th anniversary of the Sudden Departure will bring about the end of the world. It does not get any more bleak than that.

Nora is in Trouble:

Nora Durst, you may remember, lost her entire family due to the Sudden Departure. She and Kevin started a new family with Kevin’s daughter, Jill, and adopted baby Lily. Every shot in the trailer has Nora looking sad, lost, scared, and very emotional. The final shot (I’ll let you get there on your own) is a mind-blower.

The Murphys are Along for the Ride:

At the end of Season 2, it looked like the Murphys were in for some hard times. Even if they are not still united, it does look as if they continue to be a presences in the lives of the Garveys. I may be a victim of fancy trailer editing, but it looked a lot like the Murphys were in Australia with the Garveys.

This has Always Been Kevin’s Journey:

In Season One, Kevin Sr. spoke of his son’s role in a larger narrative. There were no details that made any conclusive sense, only an old National Geographic to look through and wonder. Now it looks like Matt Jamison is nudging at him to accept a larger truth. It also looks like Kevin is in for another trip to the Hotel of Death seen last season.

This trailer is a good reminder: This last season will be about the journey, not the destination. We will not get all of the answers. I mean, this trailer alone asks a thousand new questions! I look forward to the ride though.

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