The Originals Season 4 Premiere – Finally!

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Last Time On The Originals

Klaus’ enemies are coming to New Orleans.  Marcel took the serum to be able to take on the Mikaelsons with the help of all of Klaus’ sirelings. The Strix are dead.  Davina has helped Vincent make sure the ancestors influence in New Orleans is over, making the witches freak out about the loss of their power as Kol blames himself for her death.

In the Mikaelson house, Freya is poisoned and dying.  Kol and Elijah are bitten by Marcel; a bite that can now kill them.  Rebecca’s awakening stops Klaus from fighting and taking their hurt siblings away while Rebecca tries to resolve Marcel’s issues before she goes mad herself. They need three cures to three ailments and they barely have a day to figure it out. Klaus goes to stand trial by his sirelings to give Freya time to save them.  In the end, Klaus is daggered while Freya puts herself, Kol, Elijah, and Rebecca into a magical sleep where the siblings can live in a dream while anchored to Klaus’ lifeblood.

Vincent and Marcel end at odds, leading Vincent to open the church as a sanctuary from anyone in New Orleans who do not want to live under Marcel’s rule – consequences be damned.  Hayley leaves New Orleans with Hope and the Mikaelson siblings in a moving van, with a goal to find a cure for all three of the poisons/curses.

Video: Comic-Con First Look

Let’s Do The Time Warp Again

“I know this, my littlest wolf, I will do right by you.”

– Klaus  3.22 “The Bloody Crown”

Season 4 takes the world of The Originals five years forward from when season 3 ended.  The first trailer reveals that Hayley is close to getting all the cures and this is not a good thing for Marcel as New Orleans celebrates the fifth anniversary of the fall of the House of Mikaelson.  Vincent’s church is thriving

The most notable change in the show, though, is the adorable face of seven-year-old Hope, played by newcomer Summer Fontana.  Beyond being an adorable addition to Joseph Morgan’s Instagram feed for the last six months, Summer shows that she has both the sweetness and sassiness that we would expect the daughter of Klaus Mikaelson to portray.  I’m looking forward to seeing Hope’s story arc as she gets to know her family as the littlest Mikaelson (sorry, Kol, you’ve been replaced).

Here’s the press release from the CW about the season plot:

Season four of THE ORIGINALS begins on the fifth anniversary of the Mikaelson family’s greatest defeat. Although Marcel Gerrard (Charles Michael Davis) has ushered in a new era of peace in the French Quarter, an army of unsired vampires has arrived seeking to bargain for the life of Marcel’s infamous captive, the Original hybrid, Klaus (Joseph Morgan). Meanwhile, the other Mikaelson siblings remain trapped in an enchanted sleep, with Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) working tirelessly to find the means to revive them – while also protecting her daughter, Hope (Summer Fontana).

After a daring rescue, the Mikaelsons are reunited, only to find themselves faced with an even bigger threat: the revival of an ancient evil that has strong ties to their most vulnerable family member. After a devastating attack by this nightmarish entity, the Mikaelsons discover there is only one way to save themselves – they must stand their ground in New Orleans and forge an alliance with the very enemies who hate them most, both Marcel and the leader of the New Orleans witches, Vincent Griffith (Yusuf Gatewood). With the city of New Orleans consumed by a seemingly all-powerful cult hellbent on child kidnappings and ghastly rituals, Klaus must face his own inner demons as he struggles to become the father he never had to the child he is only now getting to know. With Hayley and Klaus focused on protecting their daughter, eldest brother Elijah (Daniel Gillies) must embrace his most ruthless aspect in order to become the family’s lethal enforcer, putting him at odds with the rest of his family, including the woman he has come to love. And even as the family’s loyalties are called into question, Freya (Riley Voelkel) will embark on her own deadly mission, vowing to destroy anyone who would threaten her siblings – regardless of what she will have to do – or whom she will have to sacrifice. 

Ultimately, the Mikaelsons will realize that they now face an enemy even more powerful than themselves, one with intimate knowledge of their family’s greatest weakness. Upon learning the truth – that their evil adversary cannot be killed – the Mikaelson siblings will have no choice but to stand together – even if this is to be their final battle.

Big evil? Check.  Teaming up with their enemies? Check.  Klaus having adorable daddy moments? Check.  Continuing to make shady character choices with Elijah? Double Check.  Grrrrr.

Yeah, we’re in for a typical Originals season that we have been waiting for far too long.

Video: Inside Look at The Originals Season 4

So About That Vampire Diaries Series Finale…

I know, right?  I stopped watching TVD when they totally just destroyed Tyler’s characterization for the third time, but I watched the series finale specifically to know how it ends to know the ripples would affect the Originals. With the entirety of my bitter heart – I can tell you that the finale was actually a good, series wrap-up.

So, if you haven’t had the time or care to watch the series finale from last week, you’re probably wondering if it’s going to have any influence on the Originals premiere.  Lucky for you, this spoilery report from TVLine makes it clear that the timelines are not in sync, so you will not need to know the 87 levels of WTF’ery that the last three seasons of TVD had become.  Even with a small nod in the finale from a certain Mikaelson, the effects of TVD’s finale won’t be felt in New Orleans tomorrow night, or even in the first few episodes.

However, with reports of Matt Davis’ Alaric visiting New Orleans in the episode 8, we can bet that the back half of the season is going to show us who will be crossing over into the Originals world on a more permanent basis.  Of course, one has to wonder if that means Caroline will be coming to pay a visit to Klaus again.  Though with the hallucination of Cami in the Originals promo, and the season theme of how the dead will rise – will there be a battle of the blondes in season 5?  I may throw a fit though because I’m a Klaus/Cami shipper forever myself.

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