Stephen Hawking Wants a New Voice

Stephen Hawking Wants a New Voice. Or Does He?

A number of years ago renowned physicist and pop culture icon Stephen Hawking was in need of a new voice. That is to say the ancient voice synthesizer he used for speaking was falling into disrepair. As reported a few years back, Intel stepped up and vastly improved the interface used to create his now famous synthetic voice.  They could’ve improved upon the voice itself, too, but the universe’s most famous physicist insisted on keeping the original. After all, by now it’s become as much a part of him as anything could be.

Times change.  Now, BBC America’s Anglophenia Blog reports that Hawking is considering a replacement to his old, mechanical one. And not just any voice, either. In the video below, he’s “auditioning” several famous voices in the hopes of finding a winner. I don’t think he’s having much success.

In the spirit of full disclosure, this is not a real thing Hawking is considering. The man’s well-known for his wry sense of humor and is as sharp as they come. What’s really going on here is Hawking, and a host of other celebs, have created a hilarious comedy video on the subject. It was created to help raise money for Comic Relief during the airing of Red Nose Day in the United Kingdom. It’s a brilliant and funny parody with celebrities donating their time and talent to raise money for a good cause.

Red Nose Day always brings with it a plethora of funny videos for a good cause. Admittedly, many of the famous people involved are still relatively unknown in the US, but that doesn’t make them any less funny. Check out the Comic Relief YouTube Channel to peruse videos both current and past. You’ll laugh and hopefully be encouraged to give a little, too.  Thanks!

Remain Calm: Stephen Hawking’s Voice Will Remain the Same

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