Dark Matter Digest S3, Apr 2

Dark Matter Digest S3, Apr 2: The Ping Pong Production

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One more week of production done, one less week of waiting to see season 3. Before you ask: No, there’s currently no premiere date for Dark Matter season 3, but you can probably expect it to begin around late June/early July. Now, on to the food, fun, and fantastic photos!


Let me start with a warning for anyone who may be dieting. You will get hungry reading today’s entry. Don’t believe me? The title is, “Toronto Dessert Tour 2017, Part 1”. The whole “Dessert Tour” bit, with pictures (of course!), is bad enough, but did you notice the “Part 1” at the end? You mean there’s gonna be another one? Time for elastic pants.

Just check out this photo. Someone’s as happy as a kid in a candy store. Or maybe that sparkle in Joe’s eyes is from the fact that by the time this photo was taken his blood was probably 50% sucrose.

Dark Matter Digest S3, Apr 2

“Sir, put your hands on your head and step away from the pastries.”


Monday, or as we like to call it around these parts, #MarauderMonday, meant getting back to work. Mostly to burn off the 17,000 calories of sweet treats from Sunday’s outing, but also to make the Dark Matter-ness for us. There’s several relatively convincing pictures of people working, but they blew their cover in the end.  A video of the Dark Matter Ping Pong Tournament showed up live on Facebook earlier today and is linked in this post. And they thought it was going to be an easy smash and grab con.


If you weren’t keeping up, you missed out on a LIVE FEED from the Dark Matter Facebook page of the Dark Matter Ping Pong Tournament®. If you missed it, click on the Facebook link in the previous sentence to watch video of the event. And if you’re not a sports fan, there’s plenty of pictures of director Bruce McDonald and a special friend. All I can say is you gotta click today’s link to see it. It’s … weirdly cute.


Ooh, today there’s talk of the season 3 finale! The director of said finale, Ron Murphy, was hanging out to make sure we’re all sufficiently shocked, excited, and entertained. And there was food. There’s always food. I don’t know how everyone hasn’t doubled their weight during production. And one of my favorite things happened today – the chance to vote on another episode title.

Dark Matter Digest S3, Apr 2

Now we know the Ishida Empire has more colors than just blood red.


The ballots are counted, the results verified. The new title that has been elected to rule over episode 309 is … at the link. Just four more episodes left to vote on so become a blog regular, don’t miss out. There’s also a couple of cool pictures and the answer to why a TV show has so many directors. I love learning BTS tidbits like that!


Oh man, lots of cool pics in today’s entry! One of the pictures is a familiar locale where some of the most shocking events of the series took place. The other images are all new, and all very cool. In fact, I’m so excited that I have to share my favorite one here. It’s the Ferrous Corp shipyard and I want to make it my next vacation destination. Now get clicky with that link to see the rest.

Dark Matter DIgest S3, Apr 2

Coolest shipyard ever!


He never seems to stop, but even Joe needs some fun time away from work. Today, he shared some really great pictures of his doggies. These weren’t your average snaps like you might take with your phone, either. These were taken by the professionals at Off Leash Studio who specialize in pet pix. Anyone who’s tried to get a great picture of their pet, or child, knows it can be a near impossible feat. Well, these guys make it look easy, and they did it with three dogs! That’s like practically impossible.

Okay, I’m done now. You can go away. Or better yet, click on all the links below and share this post with your friends.

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