Breaking Down That Doctor Who "Coming Soon" Trailer

Breaking Down That Doctor Who Coming Soon Trailer

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In the midst of all those season/series 10 trailers that were basically re-cuts of the same stuff is this “coming soon” trailer. Like all the other trailers, it’s very short with quick flashes of imagery. Unlike most of the other trailers, this one shows us images set to come throughout the series. They were fast; like blink-and-you’ll-miss-it fast. We’ve tasked our fastest fingers with hitting the “pause” button to grab some pics. Let’s check out what’s inside, but first check out the trailer if you haven’t seen it already.

Here’s the first flash of imagery I found interesting. Although I can’t find any current attribution, this looks like Ivanno Jeremiah who plays “Max” on the wonderful yet underappreciated Humans. Keep in mind my eyes are old and my mind isn’t any younger. I could be mistaken. If anyone has any information that can either confirm or deny this, please let me know in the comments or on Twitter.

Breaking Down That Doctor Who "Coming Soon" Trailer

Looks like Ivanno Jeremiah from “Humans”

This trailer doesn’t waste any time hitting us with a high level dose of regeneration energy. It’s long been announced that this will be Peter Capaldi’s last run as the Doctor, sadly. At first glance, this certainly looks like it could be the much talked about regeneration scene. But I’m not that ready to believe they’re giving away Capaldi’s end just yet. Well, that or I’m living in denial since I really don’t want Capaldi to go. We know a Time Lord can transfer some of their regeneration energy to heal others. They can also use it to heal themselves when they’re not quite dead enough for a full regeneration. So for now I’m calling this a fake-out. At least I hope it is.

Breaking Down That Doctor Who "Coming Soon" Trailer

Is this Peter Capaldi’s last scene?

Also, what’s up with the Pertwee sleeves? Those are definitely sleeves very similar to the third Doctor’s shirts. It looks less frilly than those worn by Mr. Pertwee, but the extra-long frilly cuffs scream third Doctor.

Breaking Down That Doctor Who "Coming Soon" Trailer

Capes and frills

Zombies IN SPAAACE! I mean, why not? The space station they’re on definitely looks like the same one Bill can be seen in at the beginning of the video. Check out the screencap with an inset of the aforementioned station.

Breaking Down That Doctor Who "Coming Soon" Trailer

Zombies in space. Never a good sign.

We’ve already seen them in promotional pictures and read about their return. The Mondasian Cybermen make, in my opinion, far creeper Cybermen than the Cybus guys do. Either way, I wouldn’t want to be caught in a blind alley with any of them.

Breaking Down That Doctor Who "Coming Soon" Trailer

Mondasian Cybermen: For when you want to be extra creeped out

Here’s a dude who looks like he has bugs crawling all over him. Or all out of him, which would be far creepier. Maybe it’s not bugs at all. No matter what it is, it’s ruined this poor guy’s day.

Breaking Down That Doctor Who "Coming Soon" Trailer

Something’s bugging this guy

The Doctor must’ve gone shopping because he’s not wearing the oft-seen orange spacesuit here. Maybe he just had to borrow one in a pinch. He’s always in a pinch, which is what makes watching fun.

Breaking Down That Doctor Who "Coming Soon" Trailer

The Doctor in a non-orange spacesuit? Inconceivable!

Proving you can’t keep a good villain down, Michelle Gomez returns as Missy. Her gender-swapped take on the Master has been incredible. Personally, I think it proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that a female Doctor would work. And from Gomez’ performances, I’d say a female Doctor might work out better than her male predecessors. I’m ready to see it happen. Are you?

Breaking Down That Doctor Who "Coming Soon" Trailer

Missy is looking quite serious here. Maybe because she heard her previous incarnation will be back.

I’m not exactly certain, but I think the TARDIS has traveled to another reality. I can’t think of anyone in any universe who uses this much dynamite other than Wile E Coyote. I guess he mistook Bill for the Roadrunner. Meep, meep.

Breaking Down That Doctor Who "Coming Soon" Trailer

That’s gonna be a big boom

As promised, the Ice Warriors return. It’s been said they might have a different look or that maybe we’ll be seeing a female of the species. I’ve put up a side-by-side comparison of the one shown in the clip with one from episode 708, Cold War. Other than a lack of eye protection, these two look pretty much identical. That doesn’t mean we won’t be seeing a female or a modified version of these guys, though.

Breaking Down That Doctor Who "Coming Soon" Trailer

Ice ice, baby. (Sorry for that)

Here, the Doctor is removing the helmet from what appears to be an old-style diving suit. It appears he’s been underwater. The real question is, under what water and for what purpose?

Breaking Down That Doctor Who "Coming Soon" Trailer

Time for a dip, Doctor?

Ah, that crazy, wily, wise, and slightly sinister grin. Nothing says Doctor Who more than this look. I’m really going to miss Capaldi.

Breaking Down That Doctor Who "Coming Soon" Trailer

Mad Doctor!

Finally, our first peek at John Simm reprising his role as the Master. Good thing this is a show about time travel or that would be terribly confusing. It can often get confusing already.

Breaking Down That Doctor Who "Coming Soon" Trailer

“Who’s a bad boy?”

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