Dark Matter: After Dark 310 With 311 Sneak Peek!

Dark Matter Digest, Apr 23: It’s After Dark!

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There were several notable events that happened this week for Dark Matter. Tuesday was the second-to-last chance to vote on a season 3 episode title. We learned the winning episode title on Wednesday, which was also the last day of production. And possibly the biggest piece of information was the announcement of a Dark Matter after-show called After Dark. Read on for more with links to each day’s entry on Joes blog.


It’s Easter so everybody’s taking some time off, even Joe. Unfortunately, I think he just found out who Suji loves more. There’s a little video that’ll let you see the message loud and clear.


Joe talks briefly about the future and a couple of possibilities for himself. Should he retire to Tokyo after Dark Matter’s 5-year run? Or maybe keep the show running for many more years? Or should he work on a couple of other exciting-sounding projects he’s got churning? I kind of hope it’s the second followed by the third, but I’m greedy and don’t want him to ever rest. Head over to the link to read about it and check out a bunch of cool BTS pix like the one below.

Dark Matter Digest, Apr 23: It’s After Dark

See those people just standing around? If one of them were me, I’d be pushing all the buttons on all the spacey control panels. Who’s with me?


Today was the second-to-last chance to vote on an season 3 title. As is customary, there were 3 titles to choose from. Choosing episode titles is a fun way to be a part of making Dark Matter. If Joe & Company make the donuts, think of voting as getting to pick the sprinkles! Everybody loves sprinkles. Mmm … sweet unicorn dandruff.


Today saw the wrap of production on season 3! Another successful season is being honed and polished and will soon be shining through our screens. We also found out the winning title for episode 312 and saw an impressive array of empty whisky bottles. It turns out Dark Matter runs on a healthy 17 bottles of whiskey per season. That’s some pretty impressive mileage.

Dark Matter Digest, Apr 23: It’s After Dark

“Seventeen bottles of whisky per season. That’s all we ask.”


Production is done, but great news keeps on coming. Today, we learned that Dark Matter will get an after show! The perfectly named After Dark will air after each episode and is hosted by Android. Wait, I mean Zoie Palmer. You really should click on over for more info and pictures!


We all love the clothing worn by characters on Dark Matter. What a character wears says a lot about what kind of person they are. You can thank talented Costume Designer Noreen Landry and her team for the great costumes. Today, she answered a bunch of fan submitted questions. They ranged from where she gets her ideas to to her favorite color. It’s a very enlightening read.

Dark Matter Digest, Apr 23: It’s After Dark

Costume Designer Noreen Landry answered our questions! And does an AMAZING job with the clothing for Dark Matter


Proving that flying can be a major hassle, Jodelle Ferland went ahead and missed her flight. So she called Joe and he turned a bad situation into a seriously fun outing. Of course it involved food. Joe and Akemi took Jodelle on a most excellent culinary romp. This immediately lifted her spirits and the day ended with cups of liquefied unicorn, which sounds both disgusting and magical. Go check out the gallery of images and you’ll find yourself craving dim sum and dessert. And probably unicorn flesh.

Dark Matter Digest, Apr 23: It’s After Dark

There’s nothing more enchanting than pureeing the flesh of a magical creature and drinking it through a straw

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