Dark Matter Digest S3, Apr 16: Friends, Food, and Farewells

Dark Matter Digest S3, Apr 16: Friends, Food, and Farewells

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Most of the entries this week made me hungry. That happens a lot. Although to be honest, I could look at a tree and think, “I could eat”. But Joe and company really enjoy good, amazing-looking food and it’s a feast just looking at the pictures. Trust me, you’ll get a bit peckish reading this week’s posts, so check ‘em out.

Before you waddle over to the fridge, be sure to check out Dark Matter Production Designer Ian Brock’s Q&A. If you’re like me, you’ve seen credits for “Production Designer” and wondered what one does. Well, Ian does a lot – I mean a whole lot. You’ll probably get tired just reading it. But think of it as exercise to work off the pounds you gain from looking at all that food.

I may be a bit obsessed with food. I’m okay with that.


Remember a couple of weeks ago when Joe posted his “Toronto Dessert Tour 2017 – Part 1”? Well, get out the stretchy pants because today is the day “Part 2” tempts our taste buds. Because I’m on a diet and don’t need any more temptation, I’m not going into details. You’ll just have to click on the link if you want to know more. I’ll just leave you with two words from the post: crack pie. ‘nuf said.


Are you a “credits reader” like me? If so, have you ever wondered what a production designer does on a show? Today’s entry is Dark Matter Production Designer Ian Brock’s day to answer fan questions. During the course of the Q&A you’ll be amazed at everything he does for the show. And there are lots of pictures of the standing sets he’s responsible for. If you’ve watched the show, you know how gorgeous those things are. Thank Ian Brock by reading this truly enlightening exchange.

Dark Matter Digest S3, Apr 16: Friends, Food, and Farewells

Production Designer Ian Brock … um, designing production!


After yesterday’s wonderful Q&A with Ian Brock, Joe’s giving us a chance to ask questions of Costume Designer Noreen Landry. She and her team make all those badass outfits you see on the show. Head on over and query this talented lady about her awesome work! As an added bonus, there’s also lots of cool pictures and some video VFX too.


Today is the 3rd to last chance to vote on a Dark Matter season 3 episode title. I hope you cast your vote while there was time. There’s only a 24-hour window on voting. Another reason to be a blog regular! There are yet two more cool VFX videos to ogle if you wander over. Go!

Dark Matter Digest S3, Apr 16: Friends, Food, and Farewells

Boxy shows off this season’s new look.


I hope you voted, because the results are in. This was a really tight race, but I’m happy to say my candidate won. Now all you have to do is click the link to find out how I voted. While you’re there, enjoy some pictures of the folks to get up early to make the donuts.


Today, it was all food and farewells. Jodelle Ferland joined Akemi and Joe for a Good Friday meal that, as usual, looks fantastic. They had so much Thai food I think poor Jodelle was ready to throw in the towel. Or napkin. With production essentially at an end, many crew were heading home. Joe took the time to share some pictures and bid goodbye to each.

Dark Matter Digest S3, Apr 16: Friends, Food, and Farewells

Sometimes you can’t be the night owl you want to be.


With most of the heavy lifting done, the well-deserved enjoyment continued on Saturday with dinner and drinks. And oh, those drinks! Check the picture below – that’s a drink. Yep, a beverage of the adult nature. Honestly, to me it looks more like Melissa practicing some form of sorcery, which makes it even cooler.

These guys work hard, but seem to have a lot of fun enjoying each other’s company. Getting to see stuff like this just cements my love for the show even deeper.


Dark Matter Digest S3, Apr 16: Friends, Food, and Farewells

This is a drink, not sorcery in progress … I think

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