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Dark Matter Digest S3, Apr 30: Having A Blast

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The majority of season three’s cosmic donuts have been dunked and we’re all stocked up on protein bars, vat-grown steak, and purple poop gloop. Launch date has been set for Friday, June 9 and all the episodes have viewer-picked titles. This means a teensy bit more free time for Joe. I think we can all agree he’s earned it.

With all those ducks in all those rows, Mr. Mallozzi had time to offer up some of his favorite reads. He even met up with One/Derrrick Moss/Jace Corso/Marc Bendavid (Somebody get this/these guy(s) on Orphan Black, stat!) for some lunch. And, of course, they had dessert.

Lots more happened this week, but I don’t want to lay it all out here when it’s summarized below. If I did, you might think you have no reason to read on. You’d be wrong. Every day’s link is filled with fun. The Dark Matter family works really hard, but they have a blast doing it.


Ahhh … production is done on Dark Matter’s 3rd season, so Joe’s offering some reading recommendations. His “My Favorite Genre Novelettes of 2016” curates his top seven from about 50 he read last year. You can trust Joe’s reviews, he always gives his honest opinion about what he likes. And he likes the good stuff. I mean, the man made Dark Matter didn’t he?

Dark Matter Digest S3, Apr 30: Having A Blast


Joe’s getting short with us today. As in he’s offering his 30 favorite genre short stories of 2016. As with yesterday’s novelettes list, each title in the list has a readable link, meaning you can read them for free. Of course, if you like what you see it’s always best to show the author some love by buying their work.


A familiar and friendly face showed up today. Marc Bendavid, who’s played no less than 3 different people on Dark Matter, had lunch with Joe. Naturally, there was dessert, then a post-dessert dessert. Then it was on to dinner with Co-Executive producers Ivon Bartok and Robbie David. But it wasn’t all food and friends today. Joe worked on a few episodes, getting the shine just right so they’d sparkle in our eyes. Finally, we were left with the promise of a vote on the title for the season 3 finale! And Joe always keeps his promises.

Dark Matter Digest S3, Apr 30: Having A Blast

Marc Bendavid looking very alive for someone who’s died so many times.


If you’re a regular visitor to Joe’s blog, then you were lucky enough to vote on the title for episode 313. That’s the season finale, which means this was the last chance to vote on a title this year. Even if you missed the vote, click on over for a few extras, including a short interstitial video for the brand new After Dark. It would make a great screensaver!


Spring may be in the air, but Akemi’s feeling under the weather. The big T – Tonsilitis. But there’s no need for surgery, antibiotics can handle this. Hopefully, by the time you read this she’ll be well on her way to recovery. In other news: Today we learned the winning title for the season finale! You’ll have to click the link for the winner, but you’ll be rewarded by pictures of Akemi and Suji in surgical masks. Totally worth the click. BTW, Suji has her own very popular Instagram account. Follow her photogenic exploits at NewOldPugSuji and join the thousands of followers who adore her adorableness.

Dark Matter Digest S3, Apr 30: Having A Blast

Doctor Suji is ready to extract those treats from your pocket now.


Today could be titled “Akemi’s Excellent Photo Adventure”. One click and you’ll see exactly why I say that. And just to whet your appetite for what’s in store, I’ve included one of the many wonderful pictures right below.

Dark Matter Digest S3, Apr 30: Having A Blast

High five a chili today!


Joe is still pretty busy polishing the Raza for season 3, but he’s got a little more free time for reading now that production’s done. Regular readers will know he’s a “regular reader”, voraciously scarfing down scores of books each year. He’s even created his own award, the Rogue Star Award where the winners are based solely on his informed opinion. That’s a refreshing change from most of the established awards where selections are often influenced by friendships, business deals, and whatever’s trendy. Y’know, bullshit. Instead, Joe gives us his honest, untarnished assessment of the best reads he’s come across.

While he compiles this year’s contenders, we get to see every season 3 episode title! You can see all 13 of them in a handy list. See if you can gather any hints from these titles, which are all taken from in-episode dialogue.

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